Autumn Creative Writing Prompts

Fiction Creative Writing Prompts

Write a story that starts with, “He woke up and was shocked to see that it was autumn…”

Write a story where the protagonist is autumn and the antagonist is summer. Try to

work on creating a persona for both autumn and summer. This may be a perfect prompt for folks who live in a warmer region where autumn can pass by easily.

Write a story that begins with the main character waking up in a pile of autumn leaves.

Write a story that starts with, “As she eerily approached me, I was blinded by autumnal colors…”

Write a story about someone who makes a bet to do everything they want throughout the season of autumn.

Poetry Creative Writing Prompts

Write a poem that incorporates many elements of autumn from the sound of the leaves as you walk, the colors, the smells and the way the light hits the leaves.

Write a poem that has a character who has never seen a typical autumn before.

Ask your friends and family what they like or dislike most about autumn. Take the most unusual reasons and write a poem about those reasons to like or dislike autumn.

Write a poem about a man or woman who finds autumn leaves everywhere. He or she cannot get rid of the leaves and is therefore being followed by autumn leaves.

Write a funny poem about someone so in love with autumn that he or she tries to stop winter from occurring.

Write a poem about someone who has lost a loved one right before autumn starts. How does autumn help this person cope? What events occur in autumn that might help this person begin the healing process.

Write a funny poem about a man or woman who tries to destroy autumn.

Write a poem that ends with, “Leaves shriveling…”