Winter Creative Writing Prompts

Fiction Creative Writing Prompts

You look outside and are astonished at the massive amount of snow everywhere. As you go outside, you are perplexed because it feels like 100 degrees outside. Write a story about what happens next.

Write a story about a murderer who leaves clues that relate to the snow. For instance, for every kill he leaves a cut out snowflake. He kills his victims with an icicle.

A child wakes up and finds herself in the snow next to a frozen lake. She has no idea how she got there and needs to find her way home. Write about the events that take place next.

Write a story about a world that has an eternal winter. Winter is all the civilization knows. Write about how this civilization evolved, why it has always snowed and perhaps leave clues that winter may be ending. How does the civilization handle the changes of winter to spring?

Write a story about a famous celebrity suddenly being stuck in an ice maze. This celebrity only has 2 hours to get out before he or she dies.

Write a story that begins with, “It was then you realized that hell was winter, and you were in love with it.”


Poetry Creative Writing Prompts

Think of at least three things you dislike about winter. Write a poem that is convincing the reader about how you actually love those three things about winter.

Write a poem about someone who cannot find their way home in the snow.

Write a poem about the intricacies of a snowflake.

Write a funny poem about someone who is slowly being turned into a permanent ice statue.

Write a poem about a man or woman who falls in love with an ice statue and tries to bring it back to life.

Read the news for any interesting stories that have happened that are winter related. Write a poem about that event.

Write a poem about an oven that actually freezes objects and can be used to create snowmen, icicles, and so on.

Write a poem about a never ending sleigh ride.