6 Benefits of Using a Kindle as a Writer

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The Amazon Kindle sometimes has a bad reputation with writers. Some writers love their Kindles and sometimes prefer it than reading a book, while others are horrified at the idea of owning a Kindle.

While I think it would be difficult to fully convince anyone one way or another, there are some merits of the Kindle that should be noted:

It means less heavy books and stress when you travel: Many established writers participate in reading series, workshops, and book tours. Remembering to pack specific books can be stressful. Carrying books from here to there with you can be even more arduous. I place a very high value on each book I have. Damage or loss of my books could be devastating and costly. A kindle allows me to carry some of my favorite books without worrying about the risk of losing one.

For books with endnotes, a Kindle can increase readablity: Rather than flipping back and forth between end notes and the actual pages, a Kindle, in many cases, allows you to consider both simultaneously.

There are plenty of books available on the Kindle for cheap or gratis.  If you’re a writer, your library is priceless. The Kindle allows you to expand that library cheaply.  You may find yourself reading literature you would never have considered reading. There are more opportunities for ideas, inspiration, and the discovery of new authors and books that you love.

View your book the way other readers might view it: Nowadays you have to face the fact that some of your readers might be viewing your book not only from a Kindle or computer, but even on mobile devices. It’s great to check how the formatting and layout looks on a Kindle. Being aware of these differences can help you when developing a manuscript for publication.

Using a Kindle is better for your health: You put much less stress on your back and wrists when you use a Kindle. This is excellent, especially if you read books in a car, the bed, or while traveling.

A Kindle allows you to take notes while looking through a book. This is priceless whether you are writing an essay for a Yeats course, or compiling your manuscript. Actually being able to place legible notes on each page that you can reference anywhere, at any time is extremely valuable. A kindle allows you to take advantage of this great feature.