Summer Creative Writing Prompts

Fiction Creative Writing Prompts

Write a story that begins with, “She tripped and fell into the burning sand…”

Write a story about hikers who get lost on a trail during the summer. Unfortunately they cannot find their way out and must rely on resources available during that time of year to survive and find their way out.

Think of some of the most unpleasant places in the world that you would hate to be in during the summer. Write a story from the perspective of a character who has to live in that area during the summer months. Discuss how your character copes with the situation and learns to love it overtime.

Write a story about a cool summer job that you or a friend or family member had at one time. Have the entire story be about your time working at this job.

Write a story about a summer vacation that goes right. So right that in fact you think some paranormal or alien influence is behind it. There may be a plot behind your summer vacation going perfectly. Why is that? Why would someone care so much that everything goes according to your plans?

Write a story where the opening scene is a fun summer bon-fire that involves drinking, maybe a beach or a lake, and laughter.

Write a funny story about an ice cream man and the ridiculous things he tries to do to sell ice cream to everyone.

Write a story about a romantic summer romance. Think of all the places you wish you could fall in love and who you would like to fall in love with. Write a story based on that setting and on the character you would find most desirable.

Write a story where the main character is sick throughout the summer. He or she needs to stay locked in to their home and cannot go out. Describe the emotions in your character. How does he or she entertain themselves? Who comes to visit them? What is the result of this seclusion?

Poetry Creative Writing Prompts

Think of five things you love to eat or drink during the summer. Rate these from your most favorite to least favorite. Write a poem or a series of poems dedicated to these items you love so much.

Write a poem or title a poem that is aimed to provide basic guidelines to learning something related to the summer. For instance, “10 Steps to Being Safe at the Beach” or “How to Avoid a Shark While Surfing.”

Write a poem about boredom. Except try to make boring sound exciting.

Write a funny poem about someone who decides to take a hobby where he or she works a day at every typical summer job such as running an amusement park, selling ice cream, making lemonade, mowing lawns and so on.

Write a poem about a summer love triangle gone wrong.

Write a poem about staying home for the summer while hearing about everyone else’s amazing vacations via Facebook.

Write a poem about a place you spent a significant amount of time at during the summer. Maybe this was a cabin, your grandparent’s home or visiting another country almost annually. Write a poem about that place.

Write a poem about the most fatal thing you can imagine happening to you during the summer. Death by heat exhaustion? A wild fire? Lost in a hot desert?

Write a poem where everything that provides relief during the summer randomly breaks down. The air conditioning suddenly stops working. The power goes out in your home. You can’t seem to start your car.

Write a poem where you are describing the joys of summer to an extraterrestrial life form.