Creative Writing Prompts About Nature

I love nature. I think our natural surroundings can truly inspire great writing. Definitely use these creative writing prompts to help you write about nature.

Fiction Creative Writing Prompts

1. Write a story about someone who is desperately trying to conserve a portion of land that is being damaged or destroyed. Alternatively, you could do something other than land such as conserving a species, specific plant and so on. Why is this person trying to conserve this object? What will happen if it’s destroyed? Who supports this person? What enemies does this character make as a result of trying to conserve this piece of nature? How does it end? Does he or she succeed or ultimately fail?

2. Write a story from the perspective of an autumn leave floating in the wind. What conversations does the leave end up being present for? Where does it go?

3. Think of some of the most scenic places you have personally been to or that you have seen in pictures. Pick your top two. Now spend some time researching these places, their history, how expensive it is to live there and any fun facts that stick with you. Write a story completely based in this area.

4. Write a story about a group of characters trying to do a big hiking trek. Why are they on the hiking trek? Is it just a trip a group of friends have been planning for? Or is it an attempt for a group to raise money for a charity. Either way, these characters somehow run into an unforeseen obstacle. Write about how these characters handle the obstacle.

5. Write a story about a character who wakes up in a beautiful natural area. He or she has no recollection of how they got there. Their last memory was someone striking them and then they passed out. Write about what happens next? How does the character survive? What is the character feeling at this moment? How does he or she interpret what is happening to them?

6. Write a story about a plant being introduced to a climate and becoming invasive. The plant can even destroy wood, other metals and can be poisonous to some humans.

7. Write a romantic story about a tree bringing two people together somehow. How does this happen? Are they planting seeds for Arbor day together? Have they both lived in the same house with a specific tree for part of their lives? Is something interesting happening to the tree that brings them together?

8. Write a story that begins with the character saying, “The scenery blinded me with its beauty…”

9. Write a story about a person consuming plants to give themselves super powers. How does this happen? Why does it happen? How does the person use this power for good? How does the person perceive the importance of nature and plants?

10. Write a horror story about being stuck in some natural area late at night such as a forest or canyon. Something beautiful and majestic in the daylight can feel eerie at night. Write a story a character being trapped in some area late at night. Are all their fears in the head or is something truly out there? Is the forest simply a forest or is it alive?

11. Write a story where plants and trees actually have thoughts and feelings. Have your main characters be the plants and trees. Plants and trees can only interact with each other.

12. Write a story where nature ends up playing a pivotal part in a story. The story does not even have to be related to nature. Maybe the main character is obsessed with living in a canyon? Perhaps a character somehow gets killed by a rock falling?

13. Write a funny story where someone uses nature to cause a whole lot of problems in their area. Maybe someone intentionally gets someone sick by using a plant? Maybe someone plants invasive plants in beautiful landscaped gardens? Perhaps someone attempts to cut down a specific tree in certain areas of a city?

14. Write a story about unrelated characters being stuck together in a natural disaster such as an earthquake, hurricane, etc.

15. Your main character gets hit by a car (or some other accidental force) in a large urban city. Everything goes dark. When the character regains consciousness, he or she is in a large beautiful forested area. What’s going on? Is this the afterlife? Did he get moved to this area? What happens next!

16. Write a story where a character ends up having to do things they have never done before to avoid a potential disaster. Maybe the character has to prepare for a flooding? Or maybe the character has to help deliver the offspring of an animal?

17. Write a story about a character who tries to become vegan. As a result, he or she also tries to convince others around him or her about the importance of eating healthier and having raw foods.

18. Write a story that begins with, “The sun blinded me, and then there were a cloud of insects swirling all around me.”

19. Write a story about a character who is a magnet for a specific type of bug or insect. As a result this character grew up always attracting insects. How is the character impacted by having this trait? Why do they have this specific trait? How is the character limited by this? How does the character end up using this skill?

20. Write a story where the main character can look into the stars and can actually view details of stars and planets.

21. Write a story where a character from Earth gets lost in space. He or she lands on a planet that looks exactly like Earth except the world is lush, has plenty of natural resources, and has a smaller human population. What does he or she do as a result of discovering this other Earth?


Poetry Creative Writing Prompts

1. Think of some fun raw food recipes that you have tasted or found. Write a poem dedicated to this raw food.

2. Write a poem about the most beautiful natural setting you can remember from when you were a child.

3. Write a poem called, “Ode to Hemerocallis.” Hemerocallis is the name of a plant. Fill in that name with anything you like.

4. Write a poem about a character who has never seen plants, trees, grass, flowers or anything like that before.

5. Write a poem about a plant taking over the world.

6. Write a poem about a man slowly turning into a fungus.

7. Write a poem dedicated to a natural area that you think deserves protection from destruction.

8. Write a poem about what makes nature so grand and majestic.

9. Write a series of poems dedicated to a new fact you learned about nature each day. These can range from anything such as the average weight of an asteroid, which plants and animals are invasive, or what new plant or animal went extinct or was discovered today.

10. Write a poem about the first time you saw something that truly astounded you such as a shooting star, a sand dune, a rainforest and so on.

11. Write a poem about perceiving something from the eyes of an animal. Perhaps you will perceive finding food to eat from the eyes of a cheetah? Maybe you will discuss mating from the eyes of a kangaroo?

12. Write a poem about keeping the dedicated to the victims of a natural disaster.

13. Write a poem celebrating a historical landmark, museum or site that celebrates the importance of nature and the environment.

14. Think about the things you do daily to help the environment or how you incorporate elements of nature into your home. Write a poem about the joy and contentment that brings you.

15. Write a funny poem about the things an office plant might say to you if it could talk.

16. Find areas that are dealing with big issues of destruction and pollution. Write a poem about the destruction slowly destroying that area, and how it impacts the other communities around it.

17. Write a poem about the importance of a natural object that seems unimportant such a rock. You can have this object be very important on a global level or an individual level. An example might be a rock helping someone trip and fall who was trying to attack someone else.

18. Write a poem about how your pet tends to treat nature in comparison with how you treat nature.

19. Write a poem about a city or town before and after it was touched by a disastrous event such as an earthquake, hurricane, tornado and so on.

20. Write a funny poem about someone who is willing to do anything to try and make nature more plentiful.