Creative Writing Prompts About Food

Who doesn’t love food? Use these creative writing prompts to help you incorporate food into your writing. Food can be delicious, tasty, evoke feelings of guilt or desire, and there are so many different types of food. Food is something fun to write about, and when done properly you can use food to create an amazing poem or story. 

Poetry Creative Writing Prompts

1. Think of a few ingredients that you absolutely love in your cooking such as butter, salt, cilantro or cinnamon. Write a poem that uses each of these words in some manner. 

2. Write a poem about a man or woman desperately trying to make a meal for someone who is highly allergic to most ingredients in food. 

3. Write a poem dedicated to your favorite raw food recipe. 

4. Ask your friends what their favorite meals are. Write a poem for your friends but try and relate their personalities to the meal that they really love. 

5. Write a funny poem about someone trying to eat a bad tasting meal at a dinner party. 

6. Write a poem about a vegetable trying to consume your soul. 

7. Write a poem in the format of a recipe. 

8. Write a poem that references one of the most memorable dinner scenarios you can remember or imagine.

9. Write a poem about an intimate experience involving food to some degree. This could include sharing food with a loved one or finding a lost recipe.

10. Write a poem about someone making a promise that he or she will only eat fruits and vegetables for a full two weeks. 

11. Write a poem about someone being stuck on an island for a game show. As part of the show they have to make quality dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday. 

12. Write a poem about a piece of partially eaten food giving you crazy instructions with a sinister intent. 

13. Write a poem titled, “I Can’t Stop Myself From Consuming A ___”

14. Write a poem about the fantasies of a man or woman while starving for three days. 

15. Write a poem dedicated to your favorite items on a chain restaurant or fast food menu. 

16. Write a poem about how a piece of food could take over the world. Think about why any piece of food would want to do this and what types of food might be able to pull it off? Be creative too. Think of things like foods becoming poisonous, being so hot that they burn people, or doing it the slow and gradual way by making people unhealthy. 

17. Write a poem about the battle of the treats. You can change the rules of the battles but to get your mind churning you can picture the battle consisting of cookies vs. candy vs. other desserts vs. diet treats and so on. 

18. Write a poem about food putting on a performance for people who are very hungry. What are the results of this performance? How do people behave?

19. Write a poem dedicated to the home cooking that your family made. You don’t even have to like your family’s home cooking. Write a poem dedicated to these meals. 

20. Write a poem about someone obsessed with eating at every restaurant chain or fast food in existence. 

21. Write a poem about the colors of meals and food. Emphasize the colors in your poems and how these colors influence how you perceive the texture and taste of the food to be. 

22. Do you want to lose weight or become healthier? Write a poem about how you can improve your appearance and health with eating better. 

23. Write a funny poem about how a scam news article goes out saying that scientists had it all wrong about food. Vegetables have minimal nutritional value, and unhealthy items are suddenly rich in nutritional value and can help with losing weight. What is the reaction?

24. Write a poem about a meat lover who has to not eat meat for a year to win a million dollars. 

25. Write a poem about the experience of trying an exotic dish you have never heard of before. 

26. Write a poem about how rejecting a meal or not finishing your meal in certain countries is received by individuals or a family. 


Fiction Creative Writing Prompts

1. Write a story about a man or woman stumbling onto a cave that will give them unlimited amounts food at their request. This person can use the cave as much as they want and the results are instant. The cave can deliver foods cooked or non-cooked and the quality of the food is exceptional. Write about what happens after this man or woman discovers the existence of such a cave. 

2. Write a story about multiple characters who are all trying to be healthier but in different ways. Each person has different health requirements, body types and a different history. Make these stories interrelated. 

3. Write a story where the main character ventures to another country. Discuss the experiences this character has when trying new foods. Be creative and do research into the types of things people consume around the world. Some people consume cow’s blood, don’t eat beef, do not have desserts and so on. 

4. Write a story about a failed chef. Why is he a failure? Even though he is currently not successful, he still has high ambitions of being a well renowned chef. Discuss his journey for being a well renowned chef.

5. Write a story about a futuristic world where certain types of foods are starting to show signs of consciousness. How do humans deal with this? Will there be a ban of what foods should be eaten? 

6. Write a story about a future where resources start to dwindle and food becomes more scarce. What happens next?

7. Write a story that begins with, “He was about to eat his fish, but then it moved…”

8. Write a story about a man who decides to eat every animal on the planet. Why does he do this? Where does this ambition take him? What are the negative implications with doing this? Does he achieve his goal?

9. Write a story about someone who was raised in a home where he or she tried very little types of food. This person may not have had many vegetables, rice, types of meat and so on. Then this person goes off to college. Write about what happens next.

10. Write an inspirational story about someone trying to improve the lives of other people through their own cooking. Why does this character have this ambition? How do they intend to improve people’s lives with their cooking? Is this just in their neighborhood, city, or country?

11. Write a story about how someone is controlled by their thoughts of food and how it is impacting their life positively and negative. Perhaps this person has a food addiction? Maybe this person lives a very unhealthy lifestyle because he or she cannot control the amount of food they consume?

12. Write a story about the life of someone who makes a living off of selling concession food at major events such as a sports game, a professional circus or at concerts. 

13. Write a story where the main character suffers from an eating disorder such as anorexia or bulimia. 

14. Write a story with the main character waking up in their own bed with piles of uneaten food spread all around them. Write about what happens next.

15. Write a story about the journey of a man or woman to eat the largest piece of cooked food ever made. Follow this character on their journey. What foods does he or she try? Who do they meet? How do people respond to this quest?

16. Write a fun’s children story where all the main characters are pieces of food that interact with each other, and have their own thoughts and feelings. 

17. Write a story where a main character is being hunted because of his or her ability to not eat food and still survive. 

18. Write a story about a time where commonly eaten foods are being used as a weapon, such as popcorn or vegetables.