What If Creative Writing Prompts

What if? We love to frame questions like this. Fortunately these questions can typically help the creative juices flow as well. Try using these “what if” scenarios to spark additional ideas for stories, poems or whatever your heart cares to write. 
Creative Writing Prompts on What If Scenarios
1. What if you found your pet flying around the room?
2. What if you woke up and had a super power?
3. What if you suddenly lost your ability to drive a car?
4. What if you received a call that your parent was deathly ill or had even passed away overnight?
5. What if you discovered that you had another sibling?
6. What if you had the option of winning a large sum of money at the price of losing a significant memory?
7. What if you discovered that a loved one was a serial killer?
8. What if inanimate objects could speak to you?
9. What if the world found out the world was going to be destroyed in 2 weeks?
10. What if you met someone who could see the future?
11. What if your friend joined a cult that worshipped dogs?
12. What if you could change your career right now? You can do anything you want and do it well.
13. What if you could pick the next person to be a great leader of a country? Who would it be?
14. What if you woke up in a world that had absolutely no crime?
15. What if you could change people’s views on social issues such as abortion and other rights? How would you use it?
16. What if you stumbled upon $100,000 cash that was from someone who sells illegal drugs?
17. What if you had the ability to grow plants to their maturity at will?
18. What if you could speak to people who have died? Who would you speak to?
19. What if you could time travel into the past and future? How would you use this skill? What would you change?
20. What if your pet could only talk to you at midnight for an hour?
21. What if you discovered a creature that promised it could give peace to the world?
22. What if you could sacrifice your life to save a community of people who need drastic help?
23. What if you could live in any world from a fantasy or science fiction novel or show?
24. What if you could find the strength to forgive anyone, no matter how badly they have hurt you?
25. What if you could make any religious belief truly real? Which one would you pick and why?
26. What if you could stop a substance from being addicting? What would it be?
27. What if you could make someone fall in love with you?
28. What if an alien suddenly approached you and asked for your friendship?
29. What if you found out that someone has been hunting you for the past year with the intention of killing you?
30. What if you found a piece of jewelry that could give you the ability to fly?
31. What if you were hiking and heard a young child screaming deep into the woods?
32. What if you found out that in your past life you were a great historical figure?
33. What if electricity and any other power source was unavailable for a full week? What would happen?
34. What if your child or another loved one suddenly disappeared?
35. What if you found out that your coworkers could all read your mind?
36. What if you were unable to smile for a full month?
37. What if you could resurrect only one person who has died?
38. What if you had the problem to completely solve only one of the world’s issues? What would it be? How would you come to that choice?
39. What if you realized you were going to die 24 hours from now?
40. What if you could become a world-renowned expert on one subject? What would it be?
41. What if you woke up and your body was made out of bacon or some other type of food?
42.  What if you had the power to instantly destroy the world?
43. What if you had the chance to do a complete reset on your life?
44. What if you found out all the answers to the greatest mysteries in the world?
45. What if you could break all the rules and never get caught for three days?
46. What if you could completely change the way you look? What would you change?
47. What if you could change the political structure of any nature? What would you change? Why?
48. What if you could create any mythological creature of your choice? What would it be?
49. What if you could cast a spell on someone you dislike? What spell would it be?
50. What if you could be fluent in any specific language? Which language would you choose?
51. What if someone from private numbers were constantly calling you for three days straight?
52. What if someone tried to say you committed a crime that you did not do?
53. What if you found out that your significant other betrayed you?
54. What if you could stop an event in history from happening? Would you or would you be afraid of the possible negative repercussions from it?
55. What if you were having a disagreement with someone and they pulled out a firearm?
56. What if you could control the score of the a major sporting event such as the Olympics, Super Bowl or World Cup?
57. What if you could meet yourself as the opposite sex? For example, if you are a woman, you might meet yourself as a man. Would you talk to your other self? How would you react?
58. What if you woke up and found out that you were a centaur? How would you react? What would you do?
59. What if you could meet your true love, but he or she would be catching you in the act of doing something unethical?
60. What if you could have all your bills paid for the rest of your life, but you had to eat 300 mushrooms everyday?
61. What if you could write a letter to God and know that he will listen and take into account everything you say? What would you write?
62. What if you found out that you were going to come back as a ghost after you die?
63. What if you had a chance to do a boot camp? What kind of boot camp would you do and why?
64. What if you could create your own TV show with all your friends and loved ones as the cast? What kind of show would it be and who would play which parts?
65. What if you could ask for a warning about anything such as your death, a job loss, or an injury? What would you ask for and why?
66. What if you could drive to another object in our solar system such as the moon, sun or another planet? Would you?
67. What if you could successfully help a fundraiser raise the funds for their goal? What fundraiser would it be and why would you choose to help?
68. What if you found out you were going to accomplish everything you set your mind to for the next 10 hours? What would you do?
69. What if you could ask for a miracle and it would actually happen? What would that be?
70. What if you could control exactly how the last day of your life would go? What would it be like? Who would be with you?
71. What if you found the cure for one illness, mental or physical? What would you choose to cure?
72. What if you could make a high quality parody of something? What would it be?
73. What if you could stop time but you could only use this skill three times? How would you use it?
74. What if you could give your neighborhood a gift, that is free of charge for you? What would it be? Remember gifts can have both positive and negative intentions.
75. What if you could be anywhere for the next hour? Where would you go or would you just stay where you are?
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