Creative Writing Prompts About Peace

Recently, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about tolerance. I have even incorporated it into my own writing. I think it’s very important to spend at least one day recognizing the importance of peace. I think it’s very easy for us to forget the possibilities that peace provides. I hope these creative writing prompts can help you incorporate your own opinions and beliefs about peace in your writing.


Poetry Creative Writing Prompts

1. Look through the news for a story that celebrates peace. Write a poem based on that news article.

2. Write a poem about a community somewhere in the world that truly has achieved peace on an issue or in general.

3. Write a poem dedicated to a person that you feel has achieved finding peace in their own lives.

4. Write a poem about the things that you feel would need to happen to feel at peace with yourself. You can also choose to write this about someone else who hasn’t yet found peace.

5. Write a poem about ways that you could help promote peace in someone’s life. These can be minor things or large things to help someone achieve peace.

6. Write a poem about something you could do today to help you feel more at peace with something.

7. Write a poem about something that tends to bring peace into someone’s life like meditation, prayer, religion or loved ones.

8. Write a poem in the form of a letter to someone who truly needs to find peace or a community who has not even seen a glimpse of peace.

9. For two weeks list things that really make you feel peaceful. After those two weeks, write a poem dedicated to each of those things that make you feel at peace.

10. Write a poem about a time when someone encouraged you to make positive changes in your life with the intention of having a more peaceful life.

11. Write a poem about a time when you did something hard to encourage peace. Maybe you stood up for a friend? Maybe you actively stood up against something that was causing unrest in a community? Maybe you passed out gifts to help someone feel more at peace during their day?

12. Write a funny poem about the best alternatives to peace.

13. Think of a few people in the world who have really tried to help others find peace. Think about the traits of these leaders. Use the personalities and qualities of these characters to be the voice of your poems.

14. Write a poem about what you think people might fear about peace.

15. Write a poem titled, “Peace Gave Me___.”


Fiction Creative Writing Prompts

1. Write a story that involves multiple characters finding peace. Each story is interrelated but separate. Make the story interesting by having some characters believe they have found peace but are suddenly in a situation which has made them lose faith.

2. Write a fictional story based on an actual person who tried bringing peace to a community. This attempt could have been successful or unsuccessful.

3. Write a story about a world that does not even know what peace is. One day a character has a glimpse of what peace is and how it can change their world. Write about what happens after this character ambitiously pursues this idea.

4. Write a story about someone who finds out the perfect solution to how the world can obtain peace. You don’t have to reveal this solution if you don’t want to. How do people react to this? What happens next? Do people even want peace?

5. Write a story about characters searching for peace. Each character has a unique situation. Maybe one is fighting in a war? Perhaps the other one feels stuck in an abusive and harmful relationship? Maybe another person is suicidal? Perhaps another person lives in a country where death is a daily occurrence?

6. Write a story about a character who is fighting for peace. What exactly does he or she do? How does his or her actions impact the world?

7. Write a story based on a current event where people are working together to try and give a community peace.

8. Write a story that recognizes common misconceptions about peace.

9. Write a story about a main character at the end of his or her life. Maybe they never maintained friendships, lost touch with family or have always felt discontent with their job. Discuss the journey this person takes to find peace.

10. Write a story about someone who tries to encourage peace but it continues to backfire on them. This character is beginning to lose hope and to stop caring about his or her activities for promoting peace. What happens next?


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