Creative Writing Prompts About Christmas

I love the holidays and celebrating Christmas. Even during the time where I don’t really feel in the spirit of Christmas, I still recognize that many moments and experiences from this holiday can be a wonderful source of writing. I hope these writing prompts help give you inspiration for Christmas themed writing.

Poetry Creative Writing Prompts

1. Write a funny poem about someone who is trying to be a real Santa Clause for Christmas.

2. Write a poem about a reindeer who hates Christmas and who is trying to be recruited to pull the sleigh.

3. Write a poem about alternative ways to celebrate Christmas if your family is not around for the holiday.

4. Write a poem about three versions of you having a Christmas wish. One is from your past, the present and of course, a future you.

5. Write a poem that is in the form of a Christmas song that already exists or that you have made up yourself.

6. Write a poem about the one thing you really want this Christmas. Be honest with yourself and think outside the realm of simple cash.

7. Write a poem about a real story of someone helping another during Christmas.

8. Write a poem that is dedicated to a family memory that you have of Christmas. This memory can be positive or negative.

9. Write a poem about one of your favorite food or beverages that you love around the holidays.

10. Write a poem about the migration of animals during the winter time.

11. Write a poem about a homemade gift that you have received or made for another.

12. Write a poem about what you feel the spirit of Christmas is really about.

13. Write a poem dedicated to a Christmas recipe cherished in your family.

14. Write a funny poem in the form of a Christmas letter to Santa Clause.

15. Write a poem about what you think the meaning of Christmas is all about. How does your meaning of Christmas differ from your friends and family?

Fiction Creative Writing Prompts

1. Write a story about a school group or an organizational group who tries to actually deliver presents to the homes of children in their city. What kind of obstacles do they encounter? What about privacy? How about people who do not celebrate this holiday?

2. Write a story about people who are trying to make Christmas more environmentally friendly. What do these characters do to help achieve this goal? How do people view their endeavors? What kind of support do they receive along the way?

3. Write a story about the history of Christmas and its origins. Make it fun and write parts of it from the viewpoints of characters living in that time.

4. Try to think of interesting family traditions for Christmas. Expand this idea to encompass traditions celebrated in other parts of the world. Write a story about related characters who celebrate Christmas very differently and for some reason (college roommates, working abroad, etc.) these characters must share Christmas together.

5.  Write a story about a character trying to search for the meaning of Christmas. How exactly does he or she do it? What does the journey of searching for Christmas result in?

6. Write a story based in the most unusual place you have ever spent Christmas.

7. Write a story about a main character who being blackmailed to try and ruin someone’s holiday. Why does this happen? Who is blackmailing him or her? Can he or she actually go through with the plan?

8. Write a story that begins with a character waking up and discovering that he or she has been transformed into an elf, reindeer or some other Christmas creature.

9. Write a story about someone so stressed out by the holidays that he or she decides to stop celebrating Christmas. This person may or may not have a family with young children.

10. Write a story about someone who has experienced a tragic loss over the past few months. He or she is now faced with spending Christmas without this person or people who have passed.