Top 10 Reading Series in the Northeast

Here at LitBridge, we love to hear writers read.  We think participating in readings is an integral part of the writing experience that is irreplaceable. We also think that we should reward and celebrate those writing series that are consistently introducing dynamic voices to their communities.  To write an exhaustive list of all the series, we’re happy to say, would be a unfathomable task.  But below are links to ten reading series in the Northeast that we love and we think you’ll love too.  Check it out!

Big Night (

Buffalo, NY

 Past Readers:

Noah Falck – Measuring Tape for the Midwest

Benjamin Friedlander – One Hundred Etudes

CAConrad – A Beautiful Marsupial Afternoon: New (Soma)tics


Bowery Poetry Club Series (

New York, NY

 Flying Object’s Reading, Performance, & Lecture Series (

 Hadley, MA

Past Readers:

Rachel Glaser – MOODS

Daniel Higgs – Say God

Tyrone Williams – Howell


Jubilat/Jones Reading Series (

Amhest, MA

 Past Readers:

Emily Toder – Science

John Yau – Further Adventures in Monochrome

Joshua Marie Wilkinson – Selenography


New England Review Vermont Reading Series (

Middlebury, VT

Past Readers:

Kristin Fogdall – DEMAS, IN LOVE WITH THIS PRESENT WORLD.(Poem): An article from: Poetry

Neil Shepard – (T)ravel/Un(t)ravel: Poems

Tim Weed

Pete’s Candy Store Reading Series (

New York, NY

Past Readers:

Teresa Carpenter – The Miss Stone Affair: America’s First Modern Hostage Crisis

Luis Jaramillo – The Doctor’s Wife

Justin Torres – We the Animals


Say it With Writing (

Baltimore, MD

Past Readers:

Blake Butler – Sky Saw

Susan Gardner

Sean Lovelace – Fog Gorgeous Stag


Small Animal Project (

Boston, MA

Past Readers:

Amaranth Borsuk – Handiwork

Azareen Van der Vliet Oloomi – Fra Keeler

Michael Robins – Ladies & Gentlemen


Stain of Poetry (

 New York, NY

Past Readers:

Brenda Coultas – The Marvelous Bones of Time: Excavations and Explanations

Christopher DeWeese – The Black Forest

Sandra Simonds – Mother Was a Tragic Girl (New Poetry)


The Three Tents Reading Series (

Washington, D.C.

Past Readers:

Matt Bell – Cataclysm Baby (The Mud Luscious Press Novel(La))

Melissa Broder – When You Say One Thing But Mean Your Mother

Michael Kimball – Big Ray: A Novel


Honorable Mentions


Chapter and Verse Reading Series (

Philadelphia, PA

Gist Street Reading Series ( )

Pittsburgh, PA

Scratchpad Reading Series (

Portland, ME

Iota Reading Series (

Arlington, VA