Creative Writing Prompts About Animals

Almost everyone can admit that the world would not be as beautiful or interesting without the existence of animals. There are so many diverse types of animals. Furthermore, humans have created myths, traditions and stories about animals for thousands of years. Animals have been known to inspire life changing work. Please use these creative writing prompts to help inspire you to write amazing work of your own.

Poetry Creative Writing Prompts

1. Write a poem about an experience you had with an animal that you still remember. Some examples might include rescuing an animal, seeing a wild animal die in front of you, swimming with dolphins, hiking and seeing wild horses or ponies.

2. Do some research on animals that used to be alive but are now extinct. Find out about their origins, how they became extinct and what was unique about the species. Try to incorporate the animal into your own poetry.

3. Write a poem about a controversial debate that is related to animals. For instance, what are your thoughts on animal testing, how livestock is handled and so on.

4. Write a poem dedicated to the memory of a family pet or to a pet that you currently own right now.

5. Write a poem about the pain an animal might feel from the way humans or other species negatively impact its environment.

6. Write a poem about miraculous cases where an animal saved a human’s life.

7. Write a poem about what you think happens to an animal after it dies.

8. Write a poem dedicated to an animal that you dislike. Why do you dislike the animal? Could you turn this into an analogy against something that you dislike in your daily life. If you do not dislike any animals in particular, then think of animals that often cause people annoyance such as rats, deer, wolves, coyotes, birds and so on.

9. Write a poem about a mythological animal that you really admire.

10. Write a poem about some of the myths people have had about animals throughout history.

11. Write a poem about how animals communicate with each other.

12. Write a poem about the impact animals have when people are coping with tragic events.

13.  Write a poem about your experiences at a funeral home for animals.

14. Write a poem about the joys that seeing animals gives you, even just looking at their pictures on the Internet.

15. Write a poem about something that you think is strange or unique about animals. Think about their mating customs, eating patterns, how they sleep, how they deal with death and so on.

Fiction Creative Writing Prompts.

1. Think of common memories and images from daily life. Write about the memories you come up with from the perspective of an animal. Try and put yourself in the perspective of the animal. For instance, how would an animal perceive how you eat or how you watch television.

2. Write a story from the perspective of someone who is doing animal research. This person could own a farm where animals or mistreated or a journalist trying to uncover the issues of animal mistreatment.

3. Write a story that incorporates a character who is faced with euthanizing a pet. Make the story more interesting by having this around a time when another serious tragedy is occurring.

4. Write a story based on characters who regularly go to the dog park. These characters interact at the park but have dramatically different lives at home. Maybe one is a murderer, another person is a detective searching for the murder, another is dealing with the potential loss of custody of his or her child and so on.

5. Write a story where the main character wakes up and is suddenly an animal. What happens next?

6. Write a story that involves the main character being rescued by an animal. What happens after the rescue? How does this animal rescue change this person’s life and perspective on animals?

7. Write a story about someone who has successfully found a way to keep animals alive forever. What are the positive and negative impacts of this research? How does this change the world?

8. Write a story about an experience where a group of friends visit a foreign location and see animals in the wild. Examples might include a safari in Africa, visiting Galapagos Island, Antarctica and so on.

9. Write a story about a relative dying and asking you to inherit the animal shelter they own or have helped fund. What happens next?

10. Write a story about someone who is slowly becoming an animal, and taking on animalistic characteristics. This process is happening slowly, and the character may or may not be aware of it even occurring.

11. Write a poem about a researcher discovering the existence of a mythological creature. What happens next?

12. Write a story about a family member being injured or killed by an animal at a zoo or sea park. The family member worked with these animals and loved them. Describe the incident. How does this impact the family? What happens next?

13. Write a story where the main character hordes animals.

14. Write a story about someone who decides to rescue an animal and return it to the wild. What happens next? What is their inspiration? What are the challenges with this rescue attempt?

15. Write a story where the main character is a veterinarian and works with animals.

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