Creative Writing Prompts About Memory

Life would not be quite as interesting without memory. We love to remember both the good times and the bad. Without memory, it would be difficult to learn from mistakes or cherish times that we shared with other people. Memory helps change us. Your memory and memory as a topic can help inspire some excellent writing. Please use these creative writing prompts to help you obtain some wonderful ideas pertaining to memory.

Poetry Creative Writing Prompts

1. Write a poem about a time when your memory actually saved your life. If an instance doesn’t come to mind think about things that you did over the past week. Memories might include veering your car out of the way of a potential car accident, almost tripping over a step while walking or knowing when to avoid unsafe situations.

2. Write a poem about a memory that you often have when you come across a specific smell or image.

3. Write a poem about memories from your childhood. Often times, these memories are fuzzy and difficult to remember. Do your best to repaint the memory in the poem.

4. Write a poem about what you think it might be like to lose your memory.

5. Write a poem about cases where someone was in an accident and lost their memory.

6. Write a poem about things that you may take for granted but would not be possible without memory. It might be helpful to look at cases where individuals have lost their memories. See how this impacted their daily lives and write a poem about how you think that might impact your life.

7. Write a poem about memories you wish you could trade or erase from your mind.

8. Write a poem about arguments and troubled events that may have stemmed from incomplete memories.

9. Write a poem about how memory impacts your life. Think about what would happen if you lost your memories? How would you change as a person? How would you view people that are important to you right now?

10. Write a poem about a very joyous memory pertaining to your life or that helped change you.

Fiction Creative Writing Prompts.

1. Write a story from the perspective of someone who has memory difficulties. Think about memory problems such as short term and long term memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease, or sudden memory loss such as amnesia. How does this disorder impair this person’s life? How do friends and family cope with the situation? What happens next for this individual?

2.  Write a story about someone who is granted the power to alter people’s memory for a full week. What happens next?

3. Write a story about someone who needs to solve a murder mystery. However, their main resource is someone who suffers from a memory impairment and can only retrace certain details at specific times.

4. Write a story about someone encountering another species or another human being who has the capability to remember everything.

5. Write a story about someone who invents a machine that can erase memories from someone quickly and efficiently. What happens next? How does this impact the world?

6. Write a story about a futuristic world, where memories can be inserted into someone’s brains. Many people may not even know their true identities.

7. Write a story about someone who suddenly remembers a traumatic event. Perhaps this memory was triggered by a person or an object.

8. Write a story about someone have the opportunity to switch memories with someone else for day. What happens next? How does this impact that person after the switch is complete?

9. A character is offered a bet to remember each of his dreams over the next year. Write a story about this process. Try and research memory tactics for remembering things when you awaken. What does this character try? How does this impact her memory while she’s awake?

10. Write a story about someone who witnesses a murder. He or she is the only living witness. However this murder happened over a week ago. Write about how this character remembers the murder and how his memories may be modified over time.

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