Top 10 Western Reading Series

A brief note about methodology: the LitBridge had some assistance with this list from writers Josh Fomon, Mark Rockswold, A. Minetta Gould and Ed Skoog.  Thanks for their incredibly insightful input.  And, without further ado, the top ten western reading series.

Bad Blood (

Portland, OR

Past Readers:

Ben Lerner – Leaving the Atocha Station

Caryl Pagel – Experiments I Should Like Tried at My Own Death

Tony Tost – Complex Sleep


The Bad Shadow Affair

Denver, CO

Past Readers:

Molly Gaudry – We Take Me Apart

Noah Eli Gordon – The Source

Brandon Shimoda— O Bon


Casa Libre/Edge/ Lamplight Reading Series (

Tucson, AZ

Past Readers:

Amina Gautier – At-Risk

Shelly Taylor – Black-Eyed Heifer

Karen Rigby – Chinoiserie


City Lights Reading Series (

 San Francisco, CA

Past Readers:

D.A. Powell –Useless Landscape, or A Guide for Boys: Poems

Susan Steinberg –Spectacle: Stories

Mary Szybist – Incarnadine: Poems


Ghosts and Projectors (

Boise, ID

Past Readers:

Daphne Gottlieb – 15 Ways to Stay Alive

Cathy Park Hong – Engine Empire: Poems

Feng Sun Chen – Butcher’s Tree


If Not for Kidnap  ( )

Portland, OR

Past Readers:

Jennifer Denrow – California

Farrah Field – Wolf and Pilot

Aaron Teel – Shampoo Horns



Denver, CO

Past Readers:

Thibault Raoult – Person Hour

Andrea Rexilius – Half of What They Carried Flew Away

Seth Landman – Sign You Were Mistaken


Muse Times Two

Santa Fe, NM

Past Readers:

Martha Collins – White Papers

Gary Jackson – Missing You, Metropolis: Poems

Elizabeth Jacobson – Her Knees Pulled In


Rhapsodomancy (

Los Angeles, CA

Past Readers:

Amy Gerstler – Hoodwinked

Dana Johnson – Elsewhere, California: A Novel

Frank Montesonti –  Blight, Blight, Blight, Ray of Hope


Richard Hugo House Literary Series (

Seattle, WA

Past Readers:

Christopher Abani – Song for Night: A Novella

Emily Kendal Frey — The Grief Performance

Arlene Kim — What have you done to our ears to make us hear echoes?


Honorable Mentions

Breadline (

Seattle, WA

Cheap Beer and Prose (

Seattle, WA

The Pylon Reading Society (

Portland, OR