Creative Writing Prompts About Romance

These creative writing prompts are focused on romance. Romance can involve intense attraction and can result in love, infatuation or even dangerous obsessive situations. Romance is also a great way for a character to change or view a different location as home for themselves. Enjoy these creative writing prompts about romance.

Fiction Creative Writing Prompts

1. Write a story where the main character just finds out she is pregnant from her last ex. However, she has just met a guy who seems wonderful. She is scared that if he finds out about her pregnancy that he will not be interested in her. What happens next?

2. Write a story about a romance that develops while both the main characters are dealing with an addition. The addiction could be drugs, sex, porn, alcohol, gaming and so on.

3. Write a romance that is developing when the main character is dealing with intense suicidal thoughts. In some ways, the romance helps her and doesn’t help her. What happens next?

4. Write a story about a man who continues to have dreams of a woman he could fall in love. However, the dreams start to become more intense and lifelike. He even begins to think he sees her in random places in real life. It begins to become problematic for his current relationship.

5. Write a story that begins with a woman having an affair on her husband. She begins to plan for her divorce at the time her husband decides to really try and get the spark and romance in their marriage again. However, the husband does not know about the affair. What happens next?

6. Write a story about romance that develops in a different country. This can be between the natives or tourists visiting temporarily.

7. Write a story where your main character develops a strong romance with another person. However, he or she discovers that the person they are falling for has a dark secret. What happens next?

8. Write a story about two best friends who are fed up trying to find love on their own. They consider trying to start a relationship with each other since they both find each other attractive and know they are great people. However, there is no romance or chemistry between them.

9. Write a story that looks at the lives of many people from different backgrounds and cultures. How does the journey to romance happen differently for each couple?

10. Think of stories in your family or that you know about that you find very romantic. Write a story based on that romance.

Poetry Creative Writing Prompts

1. Incorporate an image or memory of something that seemed very romantic at the time. It doesn’t have to be with someone you are with now or even like anymore. Write a poem that utilizes that imagery or memory.

2. Write a poem that is titled, “My Worst Date ___ With ___”.

3. Write a poem dedicated to people who have used romance for terrible deeds. Some examples could include specific people who act charming and romantic to get another person into an emotional or physically abusive relationship. Another instance might include someone who is planning to murder someone and uses romance to get that person closer to them.

4. Write a poem about an inappropriate romantic situation that you were involved in or know about. These could include dating someone who is seriously committed in another relationship (i.e., marriage, engagement, long term relationship), being involved with someone who has multiple partners, an incestuous relationship, or continually running back to a relationship that has a history of abuse and cheating.

5. Write a poem about an unlikely romance. You don’t even have to really know the person, but write about a pairing that seemed very atypical. Perhaps the couple spoke a different language fluently, had a very long distance relationship (i.e., she’s in Africa and he’s in England), came from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, or were at completely different intellectual levels and so on.

6. Write a poem about a time when romance really helped you emotionally. Even if romance doesn’t lead to marriage or even something meaningful and special, there are other benefits to romance. Maybe a romantic evening helped boost your self-esteem or having a romance made you realize you could move on from an ex and find someone better. Sometimes romance helps us come to terms with deaths or other types of loss. How has romance helped you?

7. Write a poem about how romance can change people. It would be good to think deeper than something like she became beautiful as he got to know her type situations. Some real world examples I can think of are people becoming less racist because of falling for someone from a different race, opening their hearts to a different community due to romance, broadening their perspective on life and people with each romantic encounter and so on.

8. Sadly, romance is not always conclusive or happy. Look up real world events where romance ended tragically. Maybe someone suddenly died or was murdered. Write a poem responding to this event.

9. Write a poem about the loss of romance. Many couples lose romance, and may or may not re-gain it back. Write a poem dedicated to this phenomena.

10. Write a poem about the importance of romance with a significant other. Try to think about situations where the other person is really not all that romantic and it is hard for them to change that attribute about themselves.