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Picture of Jody SeayAuthor: Jody Seay

The signal fires we light to summon each other into our personal sphere are the same ones illuminating who we are.  They are our stories, the ones we tell to each other about who we are, what we think, feel, believe, and dream.  On our television program, BACK PAGE, that is what we focus on – the story behind the story and how those stories germinated into a novel, a memoir, a poem, or even a song.  For an uninterrupted half hour, writers of all stripes have the opportunity to sit down for a chat with award-winning author and host of BACK PAGE, Jody Seay. Begun as a labor of love, taping in Jody’s office in 2004, BACK PAGE experienced a tremendous technological upgrade in 2006 when its production moved to Oregon State University.  Now, with almost 200 OSU-produced BACK PAGE shows under our belt, and an audience growing daily, it appears that BACK PAGE is making an impact.  It has become part of the literary culture, and is here to stay.  BACK PAGE can be viewed on Oregon Public Broadcasting on Sunday mornings, wherever Oregon Wireless Instructional Network (OregonWIN) goes, and on the internet.  In addition, we furnish a copy of their interview to each guest which they can then imbed in their own web site, that of their publisher, or send along to their Aunt Lorna in Ireland – we don’t care. What we know is that wherever these interviews end up being viewed means more publicity for our authors and for BACK PAGE.  Writers visiting with us have all learned that, once they got their work done and are now in the process of trying to launch it out into the world, PROMOTION IS EXPENSIVE; BACK PAGE IS NOT.  The only cost to guests on BACK PAGE is the money for gas it takes to get to the studio in Corvallis.

Far too many good books and great stories go unnoticed due to lack of promotional funding.  BACK PAGE bridges that gap by providing a way for authors, especially new authors, to promote their work and not go broke doing it.  In this way, everyone wins:  authors, readers, publishers, bookstores, sponsors, and the reading public.  People hunger to know about writers, not only their own favorites, but also the ones, as yet, undiscovered.  We want to see the faces and hear the personal stories of those whose writing touched us in some meaningful way.  BACK PAGE provides the venue for that to happen.

Words matter.  At BACK PAGE, we honor that. We celebrate it. Words ignite us and inspire us. They make us jump for joy, screech with rage, sob with the heaviness of a broken heart, or laugh ’til tears stream down our cheeks in great rivers.  Words and stories bind us together on this bumpy, human path, reminding us, as our shoulders brush against each other’s in the darkness, that we are all in this together, making our way home.

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