Interview With Great River Review

Picture of Great River Review IssueGreat River Review was established in 1977 and is Minnesota’s oldest continuously published literary journal.  Edited by poets Robert Hedin and Michael Waters, the journal is dedicated to the publication of the best in fiction, nonfiction, poetry, short drama, and translation.

Published twice a year by the Anderson Center at Tower View, the largest artist community in the Upper Midwest, the journal has showcased the work of more than 3000 writers, many for the first time and several now regionally and nationally visible.

Works published in Great River Review have appeared in Pushcart Prize: Best of the Small Presses, Best American Sports Stories, among others, and the journal itself was awarded a 2002 Minnesota State Book Award for its excellence in publishing.

In perusing manuscripts, the editors look for good, sound, Picture of Great River Review Issueengaging writing that breaks through the numbing, stultifying voice of our mass culture—work, in short, filled with the playful joys of discovery, of the imagination, the immemorial spirit of the creative journey itself.

Like other literary journals, Great River Review has a small but dedicated readership, people from all across the United States who appreciate fine writing in all its varied forms and, above all, who understand the value of small journals in the literary history and culture of the United States.