Benefits of Publishing in Literary Journals and Magazines

Every beginning writer wants to get a start on their writing career but how do you do that? There are options of publishing a book or winning a contest but sometimes these are not realistic options for a beginning writer. Publishing in a literary magazine or journal is an excellent way to get published early, get your name out there, and network with other writers.

Currently there are hundreds of literary magazines that focus on different aesthetics and genres. There is something for everyone. Some journals focus on young writers, writers who live in a certain region (i.e., Ireland or Arkansas), female or minority writers. Either way there is probably a literary magazine that is perfect for you.

Other than getting published, why else should you consider publishing your work in a literary magazine or journal?

  1. Publishing in journals and magazines helps you become a credible writer and build a legitimate reputation. This is key when trying to differentiate yourself from other writers in the publishing industry.
  2. You give yourself additional exposure. It is not shocking to make additional connections with other writes, some who are established and popular, due to having your work featured in a literary magazine. This is one way to help get fans of your work and find other work that you are excited about.
  3. Bulk up your resume or curriculum vitae. Being published in journals and literary magazines helps improve your resume. It can sometimes make a difference when applying for jobs in the writing industry.
  4. Get an idea of what people like about your work and dislike. Writing an entire manuscript can be risky and sometimes it’s hard to know what to cut or keep. This is especially important with poems and short stories. Submitting your work to literary magazines can help guide you. You will learn which poems are weak and need to be cut from the manuscript or what needs improvement. If the same poem is not wanted by any journals (and please submit to quite a few) then it may not be strong. Sometimes you may even get feedback from the editor about why they didn’t like a specific poem or short story. Use this feedback to help you revise and strengthen your work.
  5. When your work finally gets accepted, this will help you realize you are a real writer and there are people out there who really enjoy your work.

There are plenty of other personal benefits that writers choose to publish their work in literary magazines. Some of these reasons range from having their own lit mag and wanting to support other magazines or using journals as a way to rank how their work is improving over time. Whatever the reason, publishing your work in a literary magazine or journal is worth it! There are many journals to choose from!

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