Creative Writing Prompts About Suicide

Creative Writing Prompts About Poetry

1. Write a poem about one of the most memorable suicides in history.

2. Write a poem about the impact suicide has had on you personally or close family members.

3. Write a poem about a memory where someone believes suicide is okay and was serious about it.

4. Write a poem with the following words: despair, killing and vacant.

5. Write a poem about feelings you have related to suicide.

6. Some people commit suicide in an act of terrorism or to make a political statement. Write a poem about these types of suicides.

7. Write a poem that compares suicide to rebirth.

8. Write a poem that analyzes religious beliefs about suicide.

9. Write a poem about changing attitudes towards suicide over time.

10. Write a poem that uses suicide as an image or voice (don’t mention suicide or killing oneself at all during the poem).

Creative Writing Prompts About Fiction


1. Write a story about someone whose main goal is to help a loved one never commit suicide.

2. Write a story where the protagnoist is suicidal.

3. Write a story about someone who is researching suicide deaths.

4. Write a story that begins with a character waking up from a failed suicide attempt.

5. Write a story that begins with a character who has successfully killed themselves.

6. Write a story about a serial killer who uses suicide to mask every one of their kills.

7. Write a story about the same person who keeps killing themselves, being reborn and committing suicide every time.