Creative Writing Prompts About Health

Creative Writing Prompts About Poetry


1. Write a poem that takes place in a hospital and involves a negative interaction between the health professionals and the patient.

2. Write a poem dedicated to your favorite or most hated doctor.

3. Write a poem about an experience where you had to care for someone who is ill.

4. Write a poem dedicated to a medical illness that has affected you personally, a friend or a family member this year.

5. Write a poem that uses the following words: infection, equipment and herbs.

6. Write a collection of poems dedicated to medicinal herb techniques that help with illness.

7. Write a poem that deals with things people take for granted in terms of health.

8. Write a poem from the perspective of someone who is dying or fears death.

9. Write a poem about a very rare infection or disease.

10. Write a poem that aims to show and compare the health concerns of different countries.
Creative Writing Prompts About Fiction
1. Write a story that has a character who avoids going to the doctor.

2. Write a story that follows different doctors who tackle the same disease/illness but in different countries which have different resources. Focus on the unique challenges each doctor faces.

3. Write a story that has a main character who has to care for a loved one who is ill.

4. Write a story that discusses some of the myths about treating illnesses.

5. Write a story where the main character struggles with a chronic illness. Due to this illness, this character requires constant supervision.

6. Write a story about a couple who risks losing their child to a unique disease or infection.

7. Write a story that ends with a character realizing that he or she may die from a disease within the next few weeks.

8. Write a story about a young adult or teenager having to care for a parent who suffers from a severe illness.

9. Write a story about a group of characters who contract a fatal infection while traveling or hiking in a remote area of the world.

10. Write a story about a character who develops a new illness for each year of his or her life.