Creative Writing Prompts – November 2013

1. Write a funny story about a character who meets their significant other’s parents for the first time. However the meeting goes completely different than imagined. Perhaps it’s the worst meeting imaginable or the character becomes a little too friendly with the parents.

2. Write a poem about a moment a friend or family member was there for you in the past several weeks.

3. Write a story that involves multiple characters coming out of broken relationships and facing confusion about what love is and how to discover it again.

4. Write a poem that uses text messages that sound harsh and cruel but are taken out of context. For instance something meant to be sarcastic comes off as rude and hurtful via text, resulting in a broken friendship or relationship.

5. Write a story that begins with your main character receiving an aggressive, unexpected and undeserved message from someone from their past.

6. Write a poem dedicated to someone who you view as two-faced. Perhaps to others this person is genuine and kind but you and several others know their true color.

7. Write a story about old childhood friends seeing each other again after many years apart. Focus on their differences, similarities and openness with each other over time.

8. Write a poem titled, “I always let my neighbor borrow my ___”

9. Write a story that begins with a character finding an abandoned dog at the dog park.

10. Write a poem with the following words: flat tire, heartache, odor and hopefulness.

11. Write a story that involves a character who is nervous and scared to try new things.

12. Write a poem dedicated to an Indian summer.

13. Write a story where your main character slowly convinces himself that he has Borderline Personality Disorder or some other Psychological disorder.

14. Write a poem about a time where you connected with someone, but just for one day. You have not seen or talked to that person since then.

15. Write a story about a character who constantly plays video games. Little does he realize that as he plays the game he temporarily exists in the game for just a few seconds at this time. Over time it increases. What happens next?

16. Write a poem about a decision you wish you could regret but don’t.


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