Creative Writing Prompts About Inconveniences

Inconveniences happen to everyone and can sometimes result in something amazing or terrible. Inconveniences can help a story move along. Enjoy these creative writing prompts about inconveniences to get that creative juice flowing.


Poetry Creative Writing Prompts


1. Write a poem about an inconvenience that happened to you either today or yesterday. It doesn’t matter how small or large the inconvenience is, write a poem about the inconvenience.


2. Write a poem about an inconvenience that caused something great to happen in your life.


3. Write a poem about how you voluntarily inconvenience yourself for someone else. This could involve doing a friend or family member a favor. How does inconveniencing yourself for this person make you feel?


4. Write a poem titled, “I’m inconveniencing myself with __”


5. Write a poem about a time when you wish you could have inconvenienced yourself but did not.


Fiction Creative Writing Prompts


1. Write a story where each introduction of a character involves the character being inconvenienced in some way.


2. Write a story where your character decides to inconvenience everyone throughout the week. He’s having a terrible week and is usually seen as the nice and accommodating guy. This week he decides to be a pain and inconvenience everyone.


3. Write a story where your character has a bunch of inconvenient things happening to her such as missing her alarm, losing her car keys, getting a speeding ticket, getting involved with some drama with a friend and so on. Through these many series of inconveniences she ends up in a situation she never imagined she’d ever be in before. What happens next?


4. Write a fairy tale where a character has a curse where he must always inconvenience himself upon every opportunity, no matter what. This could involve anything big such as not accepting a new job opportunity that someone else could have or something small such as always going in the back of a line.


5. Write a story about a world where there is no such thing as an inconvenience. Everything happens as it should and everyone is required to only look out for themselves first and foremost.


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