Creative Writing Prompts About Polar Bears

Enjoy these writing prompts about polar bears!


Poetry Creative Writing Prompts


1. Write a poem with the following words: maritime, Arctic, claws and ecological niche.

2. Write a poem that uses various imagery from polar bears or the environment that polar bears live.

3. There are several myths about the polar bears. Read some of these myths and write a poem inspired from what you have read.

4. There have been some effective conservation efforts to help the survival of polar bears. Write a poem dedicated to one of these efforts.

5. Write a funny poem about a man who unsuccessfully tries to hunt a polar bear.


Fiction Creative Writing Prompts


1. Write a story from the perspective of a polar bear who is captive somewhere and must escape.

2. Write a story based on Inuit mythology. Perhaps in your story the main character can be a man who can transform into a polar bear at certain points in his or her life.

3. Write a story that begins somewhere in the future where polar bears have suddenly disappeared. A group of researchers venture into some uncharted areas of the Arctic to try and locate a possible explanation of the sudden disappearance of polar bears and other life in the area.

4. Write a story where one of your main characters suddenly starts to think he is seeing a wild polar bear in random spots of town. The character has never started seeing things before but while doing typical things such as driving or shopping, your character starts to see sightings of a polar bear.

5. Write a story that involves a group of conservationists who are working hard to save a family of polar bears.


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