How Writing Can Change The World

Many of us, including myself, go through times where we doubt ourselves and our own writing. I often hear statements that imply that sometimes writing is meaningless. These statements can come from family, friends, loved ones and most of all, ourselves. You love writing for a reason and it is likely that you felt writing was important for a variety of reason. However, writing can be tough and sometimes we need a little kick of motivation to keep us writing. Below are some reasons that writing is important. And yes, again your writing is important.

Writing shines light on important topics. If people didn’t write about climate change, would we care as much? If people didn’t write about some of the social injustices happening around the world, how much awareness would there be? If a child didn’t read would he still have that same sense of adventure, curiosity and creativity that he has now? Writing provides perspectives about something happening globally or in our own communities. Don’t worry if that topic has already been written about several times. Stop worrying that nobody cares about your writing. A few people that you know may not be interested does not reflect the opinions of billions of people. Every writer has a unique voice that touches people in specific ways. For instance, I love travelling and often come across travel articles. There may be many travel articles out there but I love articles written from a specific mindset whether that is from the mindset of a backpacker, romantic holiday advice, young female traveling solo or a foodie.

Writing evokes emotion. Yes, sometimes we read to feel. I had a few books that really evoked strong emotions from me, and I would purposely read them just to feel that emotion. This often can happen with poetry. I read a line and I feel chills. The ability to make someone laugh, cry or feel joy should not be minimized. Writing that can make people feel strong emotions is very important.

Writing provides knowledge. How much do you learn from reading a book? What about a poem, a short story or non-fiction novel? We learn quite a bit from writing. Much of our knowledge has been passed down through generations from the written word. A non-fiction story can provide valuable and powerful information to groups of people. However, don’t discount poems and fictional stories either. Factual information is what makes many poems and stories be relatable. People can learn from what you write. Someone can form an opinion on current important issues due to reading a dystopian novel. A person can relate to the pain in a poem which causes them to revaluate their own life and how they treat others.

Writing helps us think outside of ourselves. I love reading articles about a movie I’ve just seen. An article helps me interpret the movie differently which bolsters my overall enjoyment of seeing the movie. On a more serious note, I love reading work from people who have different opinions to myself. Writing allows me to truly understand a different perspective, often far better than a one on one verbal discussion. Your writing may be enabling people to view the world differently. Strong views can be changed through writing. Ignorance can be cured through powerful words. Your unique voice may help many people understand and appreciate life in a different way. Your writing could help someone with an opinion, form a stronger opinion, allowing that individual to speak more intelligently on important topics.

Writing builds community. Sometimes words can really bring people together. Communities are formed by people who strongly relate to what you have written. This ranges from a blog bringing together like-minded followers, a book club where your book is selected to be read, a local reading series that brings poets together or allowing millions of people to be touched by something you wrote.

Writing provides peace. Many of us, including myself, read to get an escape from daily life and to relax. Diving into a story allows us the opportunity to live thousands of lives, visit new worlds and discover new characters. Life can be very challenging and reading an entertaining story can bring some peace into the day.

Writing changes you. Sometimes your writing changes your own beliefs and how you interpret things. I’ve coped with heartbreak, infidelity, life decisions and a job loss through writing. Writing can be therapeutic and allow you to really get things off your mind. Furthermore, reading something you have written in the past can show you how far you have come. These thoughts may even give inspiration to your readers. People can find strength, hope and new perspective from reading what you have written to yourself. Writing also requires that you do research, study, learn and interact with all kinds of people. Writers are always learning new things.

Your writing is important. Whether you are writing a speech, a book, a sketch comedy, short story or a poem never doubt that piece of work is important.