Interview With Tishman Review

Logo of Tishman Review

Authors: Jennifer Porter and Maura Snell

How did you come up with the idea for the magazine?

Maura and Jennifer came up with the idea for the magazine after a hair-raising experience working at another magazine. We decided we wanted to be different from what we saw going on out there in the literary magazine world and we loved being part of a journal and we loved being editors.

How did you begin to gather materials for the first issue of The Tishman Review? How did you go about the process of solicitation and advertising the journal?

Maura came up with the brilliant idea of producing a “tickler” issue to get our feet wet and start learning the ropes. The January 2015 tickler issue was to be about half of the size of what we envisioned producing and we solicited nearly all of the material from writers and artists that we knew. This gave us time to get the word out there about The Tishman Review as we opened to submissions and began the process of selection for the first full-length issue due out April 2015.

We have been getting TTR listed on as many writer resource sites as possible and have been paying for calls for submissions ads and sponsored listings out of our own pockets. We found that some of the places we advertised in produced an effective response and some did not. We have been very fortunate in that happy contributors have also spread the news about us and we’ve been getting contacted by various people to do interviews. This is greatly appreciated!

What adjective would you hope would be applied to your journal?

Different. As in different from most of the rest of what is going on out there. Different in how we treat the writers and artists that come our way. This includes paying semi-professional rates, working on pre-acceptance revisions with promising pieces, declining pieces in a respectful, and as much as possible, personal way. All pieces go through an editing process after acceptance and we work very hard to professionally present the work in our journal. Our staff is very committed to producing the best journal possible.

What reader do you hope will happen upon The Tishman Review?

A reader who is looking for a respite from the challenging world we all live in by emerging themselves in the worlds our writers and artists create. We hope they find themselves laughing at times, crying at times, feeling disturbed at times when artists challenge the status quo or the norms or our pre-conceived notions, and also feeling lifted for a short time from their worries and tensions. Most of all, we hope they enjoy reading our journal and desire to return to the words inside it again and again.

What exciting things are happening at The Tishman Review for 2015?

The Tishman Review’s Edna St. Vincent Millay Poetry Prize is in full swing through June 15, 2015. Our inaugural final judge is the award-winning poet and writer Barrett Warner, who says “I like a road with bends and hills and dips, and I’d rather stay off the highway, but not be so off-road I need special tires. A few have assumed I have a fascination with bridges, but I’m more interested in the stream or river underneath the span.” We are grateful to the Edna St. Vincent Millay Society for granting us permission to honor Millay in this manner.

The winner will be published in the July 2015 issue.

Beginning with our July 2015 issue, TTR will be hosting Reader polls alongside the current issue on our Current Issue website page. For two weeks, readers can vote for their favorite story, poem, essay and art. The winners will receive various prize monies. Our staff will also be voting in all genres, and the winners of the Staff’s favorites will receive various prize monies. This gives our contributors opportunities to increase the payment for their work without paying additional contest fees.

We see TTR as continuing to grow in its reputation for publishing stellar poetry, fiction, art and creative nonfiction and for being a spot of change in the vast sea of literary journals.