Interview With A Quiet Courage

Author: Clara Ray Rusinek Klein

A Quiet Courage Logo

What have you gained from working for A Quiet Courage? How has this experience changed your perspective of reading literature and the process of maintaining a literary magazine?

I’ve really gained a lot of insights and a lot of new perspectives on writing and publishing and on literary magazines and the litmag scene in general. Founding and running and editing A Quiet Courage has really made me see and realize a lot about writing and publishing and the process of maintaining a literary magazine, etc.

The artwork for each work is beautiful, unique and seems to incorporate different styles for each piece. How do you go about choosing the artwork for each piece?

Thanks for noticing that and for the kind words. It takes a lot of time, effort, and energy to post and publish each piece on A Quiet Courage, and to choose an exact image to go with each piece. All the images that go with pieces on A Quiet Courage are from, unless otherwise noted. All images on are in the public domain and thus they’re all free to use anywhere in anything without any attribution. If A Quiet Courage does use an image that’s from another source, the other source is of course fully credited and is fully noted within the post.

We’ve also had some artists and some photographers offer artworks and photos to possibly be used to go with the pieces that we publish; if any of those artworks and/or photos are used they are of course fully credited and fully noted to their original authors and creators.

What authors are you a fan of? Does that have a bearing on how you select submissions?

I’m not a fan of any specific or particular authors as such. I’m always reading a lot of different things.

Tell us about a piece you recently published that got you excited. Why did you love it? 

I don’t want to single out or choose any piece, I don’t want to have the potential for making anybody else feel bad.

What advice would you give to submitters?

I’d rather spend my time and effort and energy on the writing rather than on giving advice that people would just ignore anyway. There’s no point in doing that, it’s a waste of time and effort and energy. I’d rather focus on the writing, the writing is what’s really important.

What is the next exciting thing happening at A Quiet Courage?

We’re always publishing new writing and sometimes other things too, so there’s always something interesting on the site. Follow the site and see!