Interview With Foliate Oak

Picture of Diane Payne With Golden RetrieverAuthor: Diane Payne

How did you come up with the idea for the magazine? What was the inspiration for Foliate Oak? Tell us all about how this mission started.

I have been Faculty Advisor for the magazine since 2000.  The magazine had been in existence for many years before I came on board at the university.  The creative writing students wanted a literary magazine and the magazine originally published work from students and faculty, not others.

What is the reason for calling it Foliate Oak?

It’s named after a large tree that used to be on campus.  Shortly before I started teaching at the university, they cut down the famous tree to build a new library.

What is your editorial process like? How are decisions made and who has input?

The student editors vote on all the submissions and make the final decision on what gets published.

What are the funding sources for your magazine?

Our Arts and Humanities Department funds the magazine.

What do you hope the reader will find with Foliate Oak?

We hope readers will discover new forms of writing and authors that motivate them to want to continue reading our magazine each month and to submit their work to our magazine.

Do you have any general advice for new writers?

Don’t take rejections personally.  Submit the same work over and over, keep revising, and read the literary magazines where you submit work.

What is the next exciting thing happening at Foliate Oak?

Every semester we have new student editors, so it’s hard to predict what the next class will want to do differently.