Interview With Still Point Arts Quarterly

Picture of Christine CoteAuthor: Christine Cote

How did you come to be involved with Still Point Arts Quarterly?

It evolved from my online art gallery, Still Point Art Gallery. I wanted to produce a publication about art that included literary work. I didn’t want to create another publication about “how to be an artist,” “how to design a website for artists,” “how to take photographs.” I wanted to create something about the meaning and importance of art, something inspiring and beautiful.

What have you gained from working for Still Point Arts Quarterly? How has this experience changed your perspective of reading literature and the process of creating a literary magazine?

I feel that I’ve become more of a seeker… I have gained so much from this work. I have personally learned so much about art—different forms of art, what art means to people on a variety of levels, what artists think about and how they approach their work. My idea of art has expanded from something sold in a gallery to being a process and an attitude that guides one’s entire way of being in the world. Because my vision has expanded, I keep looking for visual and literary work that will push my vision even further and will expand the vision of others. I feel that I’ve become more of a seeker as a result of working with this publication. As a seeker, I read a lot, I listen, and I observe. My life has become more reflective and introspective, but also more connected to the world around me. I see the world in a different way, always infused with my ideas about art.

As for what I’ve learned about creating a publication, the business side of things, I could fill pages about that. I’ve learned about design, distribution, marketing, promotion, and selling. This part hasn’t been easy, and I’ve made some mistakes. But I try to let my intuition guide me and do what seems right for my goals and my publication. I don’t want to adopt certain business practices at the risk of losing quality in my publication.

What do you look for in a publishable piece of work?

I look for something that moves me. In a way it’s that simple. But, the first thing I look for is whether the piece fits the scope of our publication. Is it in some way about art, nature, and spirit? ….a very broad topic, but I receive a lot of submissions that do not fit at all. I must say that this amazes me. I turn down a lot of work simply because it has nothing to do with what we produce. After that, I want to be inspired and moved. I look for meaning and insight.

What do you hope the reader will find with Still Point Arts Quarterly?

Inspiration, insight, a desire to keep reading because they learn something or are touched in some way.

What is the next exciting thing happening at Still Point Arts Quarterly?

Through our parent organization, Shanti Arts, we are starting to do workshops…both online and in-person. I decided I wanted to tap into the amazing talent that I find in our artists and writers and share that in another way. We currently have an online workshop going on called Joy Forever: Establishing a Daily Creative Practice. The facilitator is Susan Currie, an editor with LA Yoga as well as a photographer and poet. We have workshops coming up on writing haiku, writing memoir, personal narrative and photography, and others in the works. This is very exciting for us. For more information about workshops and other projects underway, please visit our website.