LitBridge is a space dedicated to the professionalization of contemporary writers. Each element of the site looks to aid poets, fiction writers, and essayists at every stage of their careers. If you are thinking about school, where should you apply? If you are seeking publication, where should you submit? And how should you begin these processes? If you have a complete manuscript, how do you enter a contest or query an agent? And which ones? What small publishing houses are currently both running and relevant? It can be hard to locate this information in an industry that is currently as large as it ever has been. At LitBridge, we try to keep those questions answered, even as the answers change. LitBridge is here to help you keep track of the burgeoning creative writing landscape.

LitBridge also provides a social media resource for writers and their fans. We host an events page that will be monitored but open to the public—a place where anyone hosting or promoting a reading can post and advertise events. Whether you are searching for happenings in your own city, or looking for occasions in other areas, the events page is a valuable resource.

LitBridge strives to list only the most relevant journals. The same goal exists for writing contests: it is not our goal to simply list the oldest programs and contests, but the ones that are going to be most helpful for professional writers to know.

Our goal is not only to be current, but to be selective and relevant with our content. We seek to publish articles and interviews about the rapidly changing world of writing, publication, and graduate school. Most importantly, LitBridge gathers this information from people in the midst of the flux, people at the forefront of contemporary writing. LitBridge strives to be honest, and accurate, and ultimately a helpful tool for any writer.

Of course, LitBridge is open to suggestions and ideas to make the site better. Let us know what else can help you!

The LitBridge Team