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Graduate School

Apply to a PhD Creative Writing Program

How to select MFA programs 

Welcome to the Front of the Class: Setting Priorities as an MFA Student Tasked to Teach 

Experiences As a Teaching Assistant

Making the Decision to Apply to PhD Programs

The Benefits of Being a Professor as a Writer

Visiting a Creative Writing Program

The Association of Writing Programs Strikes Back

Patientia: PhD Reflecting


Getting Involved

Getting Involved With the Writing Community During Undergrad or Before Attending Graduate School

Networking, or: How I Learned to Stop Fretting and Love the Challenge

Being a Reading Series Coordinator

How To Get Involved with a Writing Community

How to Put Together a Book Tour

How to Set Up a Reading Tour

Gaining a New Audience for YesYes Books

The Importance and Benefits of Attending Writing Conferences

An Introvert’s Guide to Poetry Readings

 Artist Residencies:  Retreat, Refuge, and (Eventual) Reconciliation to Reality 

Port Townsend Writer’s Conference: Goals, Rewards, and Caveats to Consider When Looking to Attend a Conference

 The Experience of Running a Reading Series

Why Start Publishing a Literary Journal

Getting the Most Out of Your Academic Support Network

Dealing With Negative Interactions From Other Writers

The Literary Ambassadors for the National Student Poets Program (Excellent for H.S. Students)

Benefits of Having a Blog or Website

6 Benefits of Using a Kindle as a Writer

10 Common Excuses to Not Write

Top 10 Reading Series in the Midwest

Top 10 Reading Series in the Northeast

Top 10 Southern Reading Series

Top 10 Western Reading Series

10 Must-See Movies Involving Writers

Experiences Being a Travel Writer

Writing Prompts: Coaxing the Imagination

Importance of Blogging About Writing

Re-Thinking the Creative Writing Workshop

Television Series for Writers: Back Page

Being a Literary Publicist and Helping Other Writers

LitBridge AWP Guide 2013

Benefits of Writing a Blurb For a Book

Starting A Competitive Journal As A High School Student

Reverence Barrier – Contacting Established Writers

Teaching Poetry To High Schoolers

Interview With Literary Ambassadors for the Student National Poets Program 2013



The Job Process After Receiving an MFA

Expectations After Receiving Your MFA

How to Balance a Full-Time Job and Being a Writer

Confessions of a Dirty Careerist:  Making Your C.V. More Marketable While Still a Grad Student

The Benefits of Being a Professor as a Writer


Improving As a Writer

Why We Critique as Writers and How to Stay Confident During This Process

How Can I Become a More Successful Writer?

How to Receive Criticism

How to Overcome Major Obstacles as a Writer

How to Incorporate Personal History in Your Writing

Incorporating Multiple Disciplines in Your Writing

How to Write Collaborative Poetry

 How To Begin a Story

 How to Write Sentences: Understanding, Logic and Meaning

Characteristics of an Exceptional Writer

Challenges Faced As a Female Writer

How to Find Inspiration For Writing

How to End a Story

Write a Funny Poem

25 Characteristics of an Enduring Poem

Community is the Answer: Making the Most of Missed Opportunities

When Literary License Works, and When it Doesn’t

Sibling Rivalry Press and LGBT Writing

Writing Satire

Reviewing a Book

 Meaning in Writing

Benefits of Writing a Blurb For a Book

Quarter One Writer Wishlist

Quarter Two Writer Wishlist

Quarter Four Writer Wishlist

Bob Raczka – Writing For Young Audiences

How Writing Can Change The World

How To Use Writing Prompts

How to Start a Press While You are Still an MFA

Publishing with an Independent Press as a Fiction Writer

The Current Importance of Innovation in Writing and Publishing

How to Submit Work for Publication

Modesty and the Art of Shameless Solicitation: Pre-Release and Release of Your Book 

Starting Out as a Publisher

Quick Tips for Publishing Flash Fiction

At the Crossroads of Writing and Graphic Design

Publishing Your Book: The Book Contract

Reviewing a Book

Benefits of Writing a Blurb For a Book

Benefits of Publishing in Literary Journals and Magazines


Life and Writing

How to Balance Your Writing Career and Family

Achieving a Balance With Your Writing

Reasons to Write

Is Writing a Learned Skill or a Natural Talent?

How to Balance a Full-Time Job and Being a Writer

How to Help Friends and Family Understand Your Writing

Challenges Faced As a Female Writer

I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down: A Writer’s Guide to Urban Survival

Discovering Poetry

In Hearts of Darkness – A Focus on Depression and its Influence

Sibling Rivalry Press and LGBT Writing

10 Common Excuses to Not Write

Reviewing a Book

The Process of Writing Without Reading or Writing

Starting A Competitive Journal As A High School Student

Teaching Poetry To High Schoolers


First Book Interviews

David Brazil – First Book Interview

Feng Sun Chen – First Book Interview

Caroline Crew – First Book Interview

Rachel Glaser – First Book Interview 

Kristin Hatch – First Book Interview

Aubrey Hirsch – First Book Interview

Anthony Madrid – First Book Interview

Christopher Merkner – First Book Interview

Olivia Stiffler – First Book Interview

Lehua Taitano – First Book Interview

Katie Byrum – First Book Interview

Interview With Tyree Daye

Interview With Megan Martin – Nevers


“The Next Big Thing” Interview and Other Book Interviews

Barbra Annino – “Next Big Thing” Interview

Will Barnes – “Next Big Thing” Interview

Irving Belateche – “Next Big Thing” Interview

Hélène Cardona – “The Next Big Thing” Interview

Beth Copeland – “Next Big Thing” Interview

Nina Corwin – “The Next Big Thing” Interview

Scott Cramer – “Next Big Thing” Interview

James Cushing – “Next Big Thing” Interview

Keith Domingue  – “Next Big Thing” Interview

Cynthia Schwartzberg Edlow – “The Next Big Thing” Interview

Dan Fiorella – “Next Big Thing” Interview

Gail Fishman Gerwin – “Next Big Thing” Interview

Veronica Golos – “Next Big Thing” Interview

Katherine Amt Hanna – “Next Big Thing” Interview

Isaac Ho – “Next Big Thing” Interview

Diana Huang – “Next Big Thing” Interview

Patricia Spears Jones – “Next Big Thing” Interview

Adele Kenny – “Next Big Thing” Interview

Dean Kostos – “Next Big Thing” Interview

Richard Levine – “Next Big Thing” Interview

Sarah Maclay – “Next Big Thing” Interview

Kyle McCord – “The Next Big Thing” Interview

Christiana Miller  – “Next Big Thing” Interview

Emma Mills – “Next Big Thing” Interview

Doug Molitor – “Next Big Thing” Interview

Robert Rosenbloom – “Next Big Thing” Interview

Larry Sawyer – “The Next Big Thing” Interview

Catherine Strisik – “Next Big Thing” Interview

Lynne Thompson – “Next Big Thing” Interview

Shannon Camlin Ward – “Next Big Thing” Interview

Sharon Venezio – “Next Big Thing” Interview

Michael T. Young – “The Next Big Thing” Interview

Mariano Zaro – “The Next Big Thing” Interview

 Interview With Susan Gregg Gilmore

Featured Poets