Writer Wishlist – Quarter One

Quarter One Writer Wish List

Here are some lovely goals to include in your wish list to start off your writing year. Now that the holidays are long gone and Spring/Autumn (depending on which hemisphere you live in) is approaching, now is the time to take a good look at your own writing habits and assess how your writing life is progressing. Since the year is just starting off, let’s start small and see how we go later.

1. Join or become more involved in a local reading series.

2. Review someone’s book, story or poem.

3. Read a new book or poem every week. Try to read a book or poem that is not included in your university curriculum.

4. Email a fellow poet or writer and let them know how much you enjoyed a poem or story they wrote or read during a reading series. Try to compliment a writer’s work once a fortnight. Active complimenting is a good habit that will easily help your networking skills and help you become more involved in the writing community.

5. Write a new story or poem a week. Start writing at a small and manageable pace. As the year progresses, your writing pace will become habitual and the momentum can pick up nicely.

6. Carry a journal to jot down something funny you hear or say but will possibly forget later on.

7. Each month ask someone new (avoid family and non-writer friends) to read a story or poem you have written recently. New perspectives can give unique insights, ideas and often can build self-confidence. If you run out of folks to ask, then look towards professors, a new writer you just met or feel free to email someone you have been in email correspondence with but haven’t met physically. Don’t be shy!

8. Don’t neglect the hobby you love that is not part of your writing life. You are a writer but you are also many other things. Neglecting other things that make you happy may cause unnecessary stress or guilt. Go ahead and bake, make art, learn a new language or train your dog.

9. Pick one big goal for the rest of the year. This goal can be to write a new manuscript, start a literary magazine, form an idea for an anthology, work on your applications for a graduate program, learn how to write Non-fiction or whatever suits you. Pick a big and realistic goal for the year and stick with that.

10. Do things that make you happy. Continue to live life and find joy in however you live. Find the people and things that make you happy and hold tight to them.

I’ll touch base with you again in a month or so for a quarter two wish list. Happy Writing!