Writer Wishlist Quarter Two

Quarter Two Writer Wish List

Here are some lovely goals to include in your wish list to start off your writing year. The Summer or Winter (depending on the hemisphere) is here and you are likely feeling a bit burnt out from writing. However, some of you may be feeling a renewed energy to really get your writing going. Now that you have accomplished some goals, let’s focus on maintaining or improving that energy throughout the rest of the summer.

1. There may not be as many local reading series happening during this time. That’s totally okay. However, try to book the few reading series near to your area in your calendar. This is also a great time to try and start your own reading series if you are interested. With classes over this is a good time to line up some writers and begin networking. Just because some reading series aren’t happening near to you this season doesn’t mean you can’t invite writers to your area and host a reading series of your own.

2. Now that classes are over, try to catch up on your reading list. Take some time aside to relax and read. The writing can be anything you like. Just get back into reading and remembering what inspired you to write in the first place.

3. You have hopefully written a good amount of poems or stories during quarter one. Ask a fellow writer if they can possibly review some of your work and give feedback. This quarter is a great time for obtaining feedback as most people will have some spare time to properly read your work.

4. Continuing writing a story or a poem. If your progress has been very slow in quarter one, then pick up the pace during this quarter. However, if your writing has been really productive, then continue writing but consider slowing down the past, particularly for revision.

5. Work on revising your work. Creating new content is great but revising is just as important. You will not have strong work without at least going over and doing some revisions.

6. Ideally during quarter two you should have some of your work that is finished, revised and been looked at by another writer or two. Now is the time to slowly start submitting to journals and literary magazines. During quarter two, most reading submissions are closed. That’s fine. Submit to some that are still open. This is also good because ideally you should still be revising much of your work from quarter one anyway.

7. Just like the last quarter, don’t neglect the hobby you love that is not part of your writing life. As your writing slows down, you may end up focusing on another exciting passion in your life. That’s great and certainly encouraged. If you have been writing consistently during quarter one, then you should have some time to enjoy other pastimes.

8. Remember that goal you picked during the last quarter? Is that still your same goal? If so, how much have you accomplished of it so far. Take some time to really work on that goal.

9. Continue doing things that make you happy. Being a writer can be solitary. You may have lost contact with some important friends or family to focus on writing. Take some time during this period to get in touch with people and remind yourself of the people who are very important to you.

I’ll touch base with you again in a month or so for a quarter two wish list. Happy Writing!


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