Dan Calhoun

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Birds, Chained to the Sky So where did we leave off yesterday? Oh, okay I got it. The camera runnin’? You’ll wanna get this. You know a documentary without somethin’ controversial ain’t worth shit. Anyway, check out my big brother: … Continued

Hélène Cardona

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Shaman in Residence   Halfway through the journey she finds herself inside the whale, confined to mull her condition over, what led this far, what lies behind the baleen, what passageway to heed. Memories transpire on the edge of iodine … Continued

Edward Porter

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Milk The man explains the world for the benefit of his wife and daughter as yellow-winged vireos chase each other through the open stanchions of the garden restaurant, scolding and cawing in imitation. It’s still the cool of the early … Continued

Brian Mihok

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The Book of Names and Leverett, Two Stories   The Book of Names Jake wrapped his fingers around a different clump of feathers. The wind slapped at this altitude and it was difficult to hold on. Sometimes he rested his head … Continued

Kara Dorris

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Excerpts from Letters For & Against Sara   Sara says, it’s human nature to stand in the middle of things For four years, I lived among sand dunes, slid through white particles that parted like Jello, like snow, like the … Continued

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