Review of The Disordered

The Disordered, Anhvu Buchanan (Sunnyoutside Press, 2013), Reviewed by Monica Storss

The Disordered breaks my heart just reading it through.  This is a must-own for anyone who has or has known anyone with a mental “disorder.”  The voices in this book are so cohesive you fall in to every narrative like leaves.   The stories unravel, Rimbaldian style prose-poeme’d, which is already pleasing.  There is an accurate feminity that most male writers will never pull off in some of the poems.  And each poem will break your heart.

BUT WAIT!  THERE’S MORE!  The book is actually inspired by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM).  If you look in the back of the book, the “disorders” that correspond to each poem can be found.  My favorite is ADD:  “the traffic drowns me in this sea we call pacific / street and sky is blue but blue the color not the mood…”

The Disordered is a debut collection that speaks story.   Examining what we’ve learned to label as mental health disorders, this is an important first collection from the poet that started The Bromanticism movement.  One would expect nothing less – opening of heart and cranium, telling it with sylvan horror show accuracy.  No gimmicks.  Reminding us that the line between genius and madness is thin as eyeliner.

Rating:  Must Own

Deciscion: Reads even better on the page than any editor could ever hope for