Creative Writing Prompts About Pie

Enjoy these fun creative writing prompts for savoury or sweet pies!

Poetry Creative Writing Prompts

1. Many people believe that apple pie is an American invention. However apple pie was invented by the English. Write a poem that includes one fun fact about apple pies that people may not know about.

2. There are some famous quotes about apple pie. One such quote is the following: “If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe” by Carl Sagan. Write a poem dedicated to a quote about pie.

3. There are many unique pies out there from Vinegar Pie, Hotdog Pie or Mushy Peas and Beef pie. Write a poem titled, “You are as unique as __” Fill in the blank with an uncommon but unique pie.

4. Baking a pie is not as easy as the sayings make it out to be. Write a poem in the format of a recipe for your favorite pie.

5. Browse images of beautifully decorated pies. Write a poem inspired from one of the images.

6. Write a poem about a memory that you have specifically related to pies. Your memory might be the first time you tried a pie, how a loved one used to make you pie or an event where pie was served.

7. Dedicate a poem to your favorite pie.

8. Some cultures prefer fruit over meat pies while others prefer meat pies over fruit. Write a poem about what might happen if the world had to pick one over the other. In other words, people would have to sacrifice fruit pies for meat pies or vice versa.
Fiction Creative Writing Prompts

1. Write a story about a man who decides to open up a pie shop but knows very little about pies. What is his inspiration? Why a pie shop?

2. A group of bakers decide to invent a pie that has never been created before. Describe the process of them creating this novelty pie?

3. Write a story with a character who uses baking pies as a way to cope with her problems and delay dealing with the true issues in her life.

4. Your story begins at a pie shop located in a famous city. A group of travelers are enjoying a fresh slice of pie right before their trip finally ends. What happens next?

5. Write a story that conveys how apple pie has become a symbol for American national pride.

6. Write a story about a land of pie where everybody is some form of a pie or named after a pie. For instance you might have neighbors called the cobblers, a school teacher called Tart and an angry boss called Strudel.