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Fiction Writing Tips

Fiction offers you to bring all your imagination to the paper. It allows your mind to run wild, and discover its potential. However, you will need to keep in mind that there are no set of rules that you must follow. So, in the case of fiction, it depends on you and your style. You can twist the story, and shape it in a different mould. In addition to that, it’s equally important to mention that if you had an access to some tips, then that would be grateful.

Be connected:

You can write when you know the story. However, when you’re in fiction, there are a lot of fo things that you must keep in mind. The first of them is to make sure that you love the story. Keep in mind that if you have a story in mind or many stories in mind, then find the best one you’re compassionate about. The more connected to the story you are, the better your imagination will be.



This matters a lot. You have to know when to reveal what aspect of the story. So, make sure that you write it well, and provide the readers the adequate information. That being said, don’t reveal too much, but keep it for later. This develops the story and adds suspense to it. In addition to that, this also makes the reader use his imagination. This makes him part of the story.


This is one of the most important things in fiction. Don’t make it too hard for the reader to understand, and never use difficult words. Instead, use commonly understandable language, and make sure that you keep the denser words for later. You can use them in some context, but in general, fiction should be written in the easiest language possible.


If you have been writing in the past, then make sure to pick up a new style. If you were in fiction, then try the non-fiction, or develop a casual style. Adopt as many as you can. The new writing styles will add a new feature to the overall style. This will surely take your fiction a notch up.


With practice comes excellence. Make sure that you set a target. You must write every day. Many of the writers set themselves within a target. Apart from the daily practice, you must also select the total number of words that you will want your book to have.


Creates stages in writing, and sets the benchmarks. The milestones will tell you when the work has reached a certain level. So, make sure that you follow it. In addition to that, develop a habit of reading various kinds of books. They will offer you various ideas in fiction writing.



Fiction is an excellent genre. However, writing is something that doesn’t develop in a day. It’s the product of years. However, this achievement occurs every day. So, the best thing will be to read and write and read again. Besides all that, fiction does offer you an opportunity to give a shape to your imaginations.

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