Creative Writing Prompts About Birthdays

Birthdays can be a fun day to look forward to during the year. Birthdays hold amazing memories and sometimes contain embarrassing and even tragic recollections. People all over the world have different traditions for celebrating birthdays. You may even celebrate your birthday in a unique way with your own family. Enjoy these fun creative writing prompts about birthdays!

Fiction Creative Writing Prompts

1. Write a story that begins with a character suffering from a terminal disease. The scene begins with the character celebrating what he believes is his last birthday. What happens next?
2. Write a story where two main characters who have similar names (who do not yet know each other) are preparing for their big birthday bash. However reservations get mixed up really quick and the two characters are stuck sharing the same party for their birthdays.
3. Write a story about a couple who is having a very difficult time in their marriage. The spouse decides to throw an amazing surprise party to help show her commitment to the marriage. However, unexpected surprises occur.
4. Write a story about a child’s birthday gift which becomes alive. For instance, a child receives a large stuffed unicorn that comes alive and talks.
5. Write a story about being trapped and reliving your own birthday over and over again.
6. Research some amazing and generous things that people have done for others for their birthday. Write a story based on these incredible stories.
7. Write a story about someone who gets in a tragic accident while preparing for their birthday. The injury is so bad that death may occur, however, the character is unable to call for help.
8. Write a story about multiple characters who celebrate their birthdays in different ways. One person hates celebrating birthdays, another loves to throw extravagant parties while another likes to travel to a different country for their birthday. These characters are friends.
9. Write a story that begins with the character celebrating their 90th birthday.
10. Write a story about a man who can change any given birthday in their life. Which birthday do they choose and how do they change it? How does this impact the rest of their life?

Poetry Creative Writing Prompts

1. Write a poem about the first birthday that you can remember from your childhood.

2. Write a poem dedicated to some of the most uncommon birthday gifts you have ever received or heard of other people receiving.

3. Write a poem dedicated to each birthday in your life. You may have to be creative for some birthdays but try to think of some memorable event for each year that you were alive.

4. Write a poem about the way birthdays are celebrated for someone who is elderly.

5. Write a poem that incorporates things you have to have for your birthday. For instance maybe you have to not work that day, or have a slice of your favorite cake, or need to splurge on shopping.

6. Write a poem about times when you felt sad or heartbroken during your birthday.

7. Write a poem about what birthdays mean to you, your friends and your family.

8. Write a poem that uses the following words: celebration, candle, and birth.

9. Write a poem about how your perceptions of birthdays have changed over time.

10. Write a poem about a different cultural tradition of how birthdays are celebrated.


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