Creative Writing Prompts About Easter

Enjoy these creative writing prompts about Easter!

Poetry Creative Writing Prompts

1. Write a poem that is dedicated to the best Easter memory you can think of.

2. Write a poem that includes the following words: eggs, resurrection and candy.

3. Write a poem about what you wish you could change about the Easter holiday to make it more enjoyable.

4. Write a poem about the meaning of Easter to your own personal life or family.

5. Easter can be a fun holiday for making cool artwork or new designs for food, crafts and eggs. Did you see anything on Easter that really stuck out to you as a cool design? If so, write a poem that includes this design.

6. Write a poem about how Christianity became such a popular belief in your mind? Try to relate this to meaning of Easter in some way.

7. Write a poem dedicated to the resurrection of Jesus.

8. Write a poem from the perspective of a sneaky bunny.

9. Write a poem that includes a line about an Easter candy that you really dislike but is wildly popular during this holiday.  

10. Write a poem that discusses how Easter is celebrated on a different continent.  What are the similarities and differences?


Fiction Creative Writing Prompts

1. Write a story where one of the main characters is a professional artist who made his/herself famous by designing Easter eggs.

2. Write a story that begins with a modern-day pastor being time warped to the time when Jesus was resurrected.

3. Write a story about a bunny who wants to become an Easter bunny and goes on a journey to try and become the Easter bunny.

4. Write a story that begins with a family celebrating Easter 200 years from now. How has the holiday and traditions changed?

5. Write a story about a serial killer who leaves his clues in Easter eggs.