Creative Writing Prompts About Spring

Poetry Creative Writing Prompts

1. Write a poem that incorporates an image that frequently comes to your mind when you think about spring. Some examples could include rolling green meadows, butterflies, warm temperatures and so on.

2. Write a poem about the most memorable spring that you can recall. That spring can be memorable for any reason. Some examples from my life is a spring in California where it was consistently in the 90s, or a spring where it snowed till May and a spring where I traveled to Europe and was also making the decision to end an abusive long-term relationship.

3. Write a poem about a spring event that happens at home or in another culture. Some cities have a spring arts festival. Some countries have spring racing events or religious traditions.

4. Write a poem about a task or chore that you typically do in the Spring. Some people think of Spring cleaning, tax season, losing weight for the summer or planning fun vacations with friends or family.

5. Write a poem about something that happens in the Spring that you might forget about during the rest of the year. Examples might include fruits that you eat in the Spring, the allergies you have during this time or that certain areas of the country are a great temperature during the Spring.

6.  Write a poem about the ways your home or the area you currently live at looks different in the Spring than other times during the year.

7. Write a poem about something you are most looking forward to this Spring. It doesn’t even have to be related to the season, but an event that is occurring in the Spring.

8. Write a poem dedicated to the things you love and hate about the Spring.

9. Ask your friends and family members why they dislike or like Spring. Take some of the reasons that really stick with you for whatever reason. Incorporate those dislikes and likes into your next poem.

10. Write a funny poem dedicated to Spring Cleaning. However, Spring cleaning does NOT involve cleaning your home. Think of other forms of Spring cleaning. Some examples might include having a clearer mind during the Spring, having cleaner health or making sure you continually groom your pet during the season.

Fiction Creative Writing Prompts

1. Write a story about a person who is granted the offer to lose this next Spring for a large sum of money. The character takes the deal however this deal has unanticipated consequences that money may not be able to fix. What happens next?

2. Make it a goal to look through the news during this Spring. Write a story based on an interesting news story you read about during this Spring.

3. Write a story about a character given the option to change any Spring of their life. They only get one Spring to change. What does the character choose to do?

4. Write a story about a group of gardeners. These gardeners live very different lives but end up developing a friendship based around their hobby.

5. Write a story about a world where Spring has largely negative associations. Why has this happened? What happens afterwards?

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