Creative Writing Prompts About Traveling

If anyone reading this knows any of the co-founders of LitBridge, then you would probably know that we love to travel! Traveling is one of our main hobbies and something we look forward to doing a few times a year. I personally love traveling nationally and around the globe. It’s a ton of fun to get to experience other cultures, see beautiful sights and just find time for both relaxation and adventure. Traveling also helps improve and inspire writing. Working to have a world perspective may help you write more accurately about your own experiences at home. It’s difficult to really acknowledge and appreciate home until you leave it. Please use these creative writing prompts to inspire amazing work about your own traveling experiences.

Poetry Creative Writing Prompts

1. Write a poem about a place that really resonated with you while you were traveling. Perhaps this was a small town where everyone was friendly or a large city where you saw poverty, violence, amazing museums and wonderful nightclubs.

2. Write a poem about some of the oddest cultural differences you have observed while traveling. Please note that odd does not need to have a negative connotation. Anything different is worth noting.

3. Write a poem about some of your most memorable experiences while in a transit. This can include experiences on a bus, subway, train, airplane or in a car.

4. Write a poem about a specific scene that really sticks out to you while you were traveling. Think hard about the many details of that scene.

5. Write a poem about a very moving experience you have ever seen or experienced while traveling.

6. Write a poem about a place you have never been but would like to go to. Write a poem about what you think that place might be like. On the off chance, that you end up going, write a poem about the differences between your expectations and the reality of being there.

7. Write a poem about an experience where you missed a flight. Alternatively, you can write about an experience where you missed something that was really pivotal and completely ruined your trip or lengthened it out.

8. Write a poem about an experience where you lost something while traveling or had something stolen.

9. Write a poem about the best experiences you had trying new exotic foods while traveling.

10. Have you ever worked, volunteered or studied abroad? If so write about moments of that experience or the decision making process of taking that trip.

11. Write a poem about when a trip was ruined. Examples might include having your passport stolen, injuring yourself while abroad, finding out your significant other cheated on you while traveling or forgetting you need to get a visa to enter a country and ultimately missing the trip.

12. Write a story about how people perceived you while traveling. I remember that in Africa, people usually stared at me even though I am ethnic. My lighter skin color and other features was highly unusual there. In Asia, however, people treated me differently than they would in Europe. Discuss how people interact with you while traveling?

13. Write a poem about the damage traveling does to a specific area. In some parts of the world, beautiful areas are slowly being destroyed by an increase in tourism.

14. Write a poem about your experiences simply planning a trip. Planning a trip can be a frustrating and exciting experience on its own.

15. Write a poem about how you feel once you get home after a long trip away from home.

Fiction Creative Writing Prompts

1. Write a story that is based on your perspective about an area that you are currently traveling in or have traveled before. Note the people you meet, customs, the location and anything interesting that really sticks out. These notes will be helpful when writing a story.

2. Write a story about someone who may have changed your perspective on life while traveling. These people will probably come instantly to mind, but this could include someone you met at a bar, seeing someone who was impoverished or meeting someone who is doing amazing things in another part of the world.

3. Write a story where the main character wakes up in a foreign country. However, he has no idea how he got there and why he is there. Furthermore, he doesn’t have his passport!

4. Write a story about a group of friends traveling on a road trip. Where do they stop? What is the purpose of the road trip? Who do they end up meeting along the way?

5. Write a story about someone having the opportunity to live with someone who is not familiar with the area you live in or who is foreign?

6. Write a story about someone who has been cursed for a couple of weeks. Over the next couple of weeks this person will automatically be warped to another area of the world, during very random and spontaneous moments. What happens to this character?

7. Write a story about someone who is nearing the end of their life. They have always wanted to go to place X. What happens next? Do they achieve their dream? Is it what they wanted in the first place?

8. Write a story that begins with someone just about to go home. However, a few hours before they depart for the airport, their passport and all their money is suddenly missing. What happens next?

9. Write a story from the perspective of someone native to a foreign land. Due to unforeseen events, suddenly this person is being adopted by a foreign family.

10. Write a story about someone who wants to try and defeat stereotypes and prejudices about a certain country or city. Definitely do yo your research for this prompt.

11. Interview someone from a different country or area in your country. Find out things they wish you would write about relating to their area. Write a story about some of the things discussed during the interview.

12. Write a story that integrates characters based on real people that you have met while traveling.

13. Write a story a meaningful friendship or romantic relationship that blossomed while you were traveling.

14. Write a story based on how you have changed from your travel experiences. Some examples might include holding less prejudices against another culture, having a heightened awareness of something occurring in another area of the world or country, developing new interests or learning more about yourself.

15. Write a story about someone winning a grand prize of not only going to any place of their choice, but taking all of their friends and family with them. Write a realistic story of how this would all go, and the obstacles that might occur.

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