Creative Writing Prompts for Fiction

  1. Write a story where a random object can trigger an episode of memory lapse in a character. Consider including another animate or inanimate object that can trigger the memory to return. Write a story about this character’s interactions with the world, and choose for the character to either be aware or unaware of these happenings.
  2. Write a story where the character is completely original. Everything about this character is different from the typical but that character must live and interact in a world that is normal. Does this character create conflict or perhaps adapt to the world? How so?
  3. Write a story from the perspective of an inanimate object such as a candy wrapper, laptop or  water bottle. The story should encompass the various things the object sees, how it is being interacted with and of course a personality most suitable to the object.
  4. Look back into your ancestral tree.  Find a relative that you have never heard about and who is not alive anymore. Try to find a very limited amount of information about their lives. Write a story from the perspective of that relative or someone who gets to meet your relative.
  5. Find at least ten sentences from multiple sources. You can choose a source from the newspaper, google, a book and so on. Pick sentences that stick with you. Begin to write a story where you rope in the ten sentences you picked.
  6. Find a news story that makes you feel upset or very happy. Write a story about the people involved in that news story. Discuss their lives before the event and afterward.
  7. Write a story where something tragic has occurred. However write your story so that it is unclear what actually happened. Use thoughts, imagery and other elements to convey what may have happened.
  8. Write a story where a characteristic of humans is magnified, and is commonplace with all humans or a certain group of people. Some examples could include an increased perception to detect different types of light, better ability to hear, or having more sensitive tactile capabilities.
  9. Try to pick two of your personal favorite characters in a book, game, show or movie. Change the names of the characters. Write a story where these two characters meet and become best friends or enemies. Make this relationship central to your story.
  10. Write a story about a post-apocalyptic world. Try to stray from common themes such as typical dystopia situations. Write a story about people coming together, starting over and rebuilding.
  11. Think about a job you really enjoyed at a specific company. Write a story about how that company is trying to brainwash and manipulate it’s employers. The goal of the company may be unknown but is sinister.
  12. Write a story entirely made up of letters. These letters could include letters exchanged in the mail, emails or even lengthy text messages. Who is writing the letters? Why? Ensure your writing is reflective of the medium of communication you choose. For example, emails may contain emoticons, short abbreviations and common phrases such as lol (laugh out loud).
  13. What is your favorite mythical being? Now imagine that you have just found out that mythical being existed and is extinct. Write a story about your reactions and the next steps you would take upon hearing that. How would the world be changed?
  14. Try to look up some famous haunted areas in a region of the world. Look at some of the history. Write a story that is based in that location. Try to incorporate some of the ghost folklore in your story.
  15. Imagine a terrible and inappropriate literary magazine. Now write a story about that magazine not only hitting the public, but becoming extremely popular. Imagine the impacts this magazine might have on fellow writers.
  16. Write a story where the central relationship is between a character and a part of their body. Yes, a piece of their body such as his or her leg, arm or nail can interact and talk with the character.
  17. Spend a couple of weeks collecting photos and short phrases that you find interesting. Keep these photos and phrases in a folder somewhere on your computer or in a scrapbook. Use these materials to help you write a story.
  18. Collect catchy phrases. Keep these phrases somewhere that you can look at every so often. Write a story that begins with one of the catchy phrases.
  19. Ask your friends for questions that they might have about you or about the world. Try to encourage your friends to give you questions that are specific. Write a story that responds to one of these questions.
  20. Try to find a simple exercise and make it complicated. You might try to eat dinner in the dark or attend a club where you learn sign language and cannot make any sounds. Use this experience to write a story.
  21. Who is your favorite athlete or role model? Imagine that something happened that inhibited his or her abilities. Write a story about how your favorite athlete was thrown an obstacle and had to work through that.
  22. Pick a different country from the one in which you live. Write a story based in that country. Learn about some of the traditions, culture and language spoken throughout the country. Use these facts to help guide your story.
  23. Try keeping a dream journal. Every morning try and write down everything you can remember about that dream. Take some time to note any details that stick such as the imagery, the people in the dream and some of the context. Use the details of your dreams to help you write a story.
  24. Sometimes it can be easy for a writer to imagine completely new worlds and places. Try writing a story that is based in the city or town that you live. Try to locate interesting history about your area and use that to construct a story.
  25. Write a story about a main character being trapped in another object. The details of how this entrapment occurred could be completely unknown to the reader. The book can revolve around the  thoughts of the main character and the characters interacting with the object.
  26. Write a fictionalized story based on an obituary. You do not have to use an obituary and can even select a bio about someone. Use these few details to create a story about someone.
  27. Try to use your pet for a bit of inspiration. Write a story where the opening scene involves your pet doing something she typically does at home.
  28. What month is it? Find a theme or celebration for the month or look at holidays celebrated during this month. Write a story where the character is celebrating this theme in some way.
  29. Write a story where you have the same characters but these characters continually show up in different stories. The stories do not have to be related, but have the characters connect in some way.
  30. Write a story that involves something that is really fearful to you. Your story could involve how the character overcomes this fear or how the character is consumed by their fear.
  31. Think of an illness that you find interesting or that has occurred with your family. Write a story where the main character has to deal with this illness to some degree. Maybe he has the disease or a family member is suffering from the disease. How does this affect that person, how does it relate to the overall story line and how does the main character cope or not cope with the illness.
  32. Write a story that relates to a current political affair happening in some area of the world. You can try to fictionalize this a bit by editing out some details or changing the country and era that this has happened. Use some

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