Are you a writer? Even if you aren’t, perhaps while you’re asleep and dreaming, your spouse is sitting at her laptop, typing into the wee hours. Regardless, the fact remains that writing is an enterprise that touches all of us. And the enterprise of writing can be an overwhelming one. Writers are faced with questions like: where should I submit my work? What types of contests are open to me? Should I go to school for writing, and, if so, where?

At LitBridge, we strive to provide the most comprehensive information about facets of the writing and publishing process, while aiding writers with these sometimes-exhausting tasks. We offer articles by and interviews with well-known authors, an ever-growing list of journals and contests, information about undergraduate and graduate writing programs, and much more.

We differ from other, similarly themed sites in a few significant ways. First, rather than offering specialized guidance, LitBridge takes a holistic approach. Our ultimate goal is to provide great resources to all writers, however divergent their genres, experiences, and career trajectories might be. Our content base is broad and exhaustive.

Secondly, we don’t seek to generate profit. We’re all in this for the proverbial love of the game. As students, instructors, and recent graduates, we understand how difficult it is to find free, high-quality information, which is why we founded LitBridge in the first place.

We may be new to the scene, but we really believe we’re the best resource out there. To get the word out about LitBridge, we’re following the usual courses — posting on Facebook, tweeting with abandon, and so forth — but we’re thinking big.

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