LitBridge 2014 Literary Magazine Contest

LitBridge wants to honor new literary magazines that are doing an excellent job supporting writers and the literary community. We will grant $200 or more to a literary magazine  that has been around for less than 4 years and is rated highly by its founder and peers. There will be 3 winners: Fiction, Nonfiction, and Poetry (each winner receives $200). We will not do the judging. You will! Our team consists of folks who have experience running literary magazines, and we know that a literary magazine will be nominated by its readers, founders and interns. This process is entirely free and made possible by donations from sponsors.


***If you publish in multiple genres then you will be entered for each genre that is applicable***


Highest Ranked Fiction Literary Magazine – $200

Highest Ranked Nonfiction Literary Magazine – $200

Highest Ranked Poetry Literary Magazine – $200


Our only requirements

1. The literary magazine must have been around for less than 4 years.

2. This cannot be a university-sponsored literary magazine.

3. 3. If you won the highest ranked literary magazine contest, you cannot win the highest ranked literary magazine contest again. Again, this only applies for the highest ranked literary magazine NOT finalists.

What’s Allowed?

1. As many nominations as you want. The founder, interns, readers and whoever else can nominate the literary magazine. Although we would enjoy hearing from people published in the issue, we realize this creates a conflict of interest. We are more interested in people who read and support the journal but may not have been published by the lit mag. 

2. Online OR Print magazines.

3. Fiction, Nonfiction or Poetry. The lit mag has to publish in at least one of these categories.
How will we judge submissions?

1. Uniqueness. Yes we want to know what is so unique about your literary magazine. Saying it’s a great lit mag and publishes excellent work is great but we are more interested in how the lit mag uniquely contributes to the literary community or a unique focus that the lit mag has. Sell us on how unique you are and you may win.

2. Specificity. The more specific the better. How is the lit mag unique? How has the lit mag grown since its conception? What are some things the lit mag is doing in the near future? How does the lit mag support its readers and the folks published? Those are some ideas but the list goes on.

3. Submissions from a variety of folks. We are most interested in what the readers and interns have to say. After that we would love to hear from folks published in the journal. Lastly but still important we want to hear from the founders involved.

Below is the nomination form. We look forward to reading all about the amazing literary magazines!

Nomination Form

Contact Name and Email:

Literary Magazine Name and Website (if applicable):

Relation to Literary Magazine (i.e., Founder, Intern, Reader, etc.):

Describe (in no more than one paragraph) why you believe this literary magazine deserves nomination:

List three stories or poems you’ve enjoyed from this lit mag:


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Email this submission to  or before December 15th, 2014.  All submissions after this period cannot be considered.