April Book Releases

April Fiction Book Releases

The Lost Episodes of Revie Bryson

Author: Bryan Furuness Publication Date: March 19, 2013


Revie Bryson, a precocious and dreamy kid from Paris, Indiana, has decided he’s the second coming of Christ: and why not? His mother, a captivating performer and inventive storyteller, likes to tell him made-up Bible stories, which she claims are “lost episodes,” or outtakes from the King James version. Wild as prophecy and seemingly just as coded, these charming and dangerous tales feature steel mills, cars, and transistor radios, among other artifacts not generally associated with life at the beginning of Anno Domini. After years of listening to these stories, is it really so far-fetched for Revie to believe that God might show up on his doorstep one day like Ed McMahon and the Prize Patrol?

Faith can be fickle, though, and Revie’s belief in God and his family is scuttled when his mother suffers a crisis of identity and leaves home to pursue her dreams of stardom in Hollywood. Over the course of a year, one family and one boy must learn to sacrifice and forgive in order to be born again.


Picture of Bryan Furuness“Years ago I read a short story that burrowed in so deeply I had to track down the author—one Bryan Furuness—and proceed to beg and bully him to write a novel. At last, here it is—as beautiful and hilarious, as crushingly tender and brutally hopeful as I’d ever hoped for. I cannot recall the last time I read a novel that made me bark with laughter and then break into tears.” — Julianna Baggott

Bryan Furuness’s stories have appeared in Ninth LetterSoutheast ReviewFreight Stories, and elsewhere, including the anthologies Best American Nonrequired Reading and New Stories from the Midwest. He teaches at Butler University, where he edits for Booth and is the Editor in Chief for the small press Pressgang.

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The Beautifully Worthless (City Lights/Sister Spit)

Author: Ali Liebegott Publication Date: April 2, 2013


A runaway waitress leaves her lover, grabs her dog and hits the highway. Liebegott maps her travels in a series of hilarious and heartbreaking letters to the girl she left behind, and some of the most exquisite poetry written about love, heartache and madness


The Beautifully Worthless is an outrageous act of kindness.”—Eileen Myles

“She’s insanely talented, it’s mad. The Beautifully Worthless crisscrosses the USA, like Close to the Knives, like Kerouac, desperately seeking out everything occluded and driven, a frenzy of seeking frozen into poetry. “—Kevin Killian

“The Beautifully Worthless is a genre-smudging, American Mythos-screwing hell of a book. Never falling into the twee or succumbing to the snarky, Liebegott’s wit, astuteness and assured poetics come together to create this marvel of empathy & mercy, decency & heart; it affirms the possibility that hope is tenable and that living is worth the life itself. This is an atlas for every queerly vagabond soul, a pillow book for the hopelessly heartweary.”—Justin Chin

“Ali Liebegott’s The Beautifully Worthless is a mixed-genre tour de force, a classic yet subverted road story, an original and fierce claim on this country, and the generator of an unusual, moving canon. It’s saturated with Liebegott’s signature gifts: a peerless sense of humor and a capacity to bear witness to and articulate the darkest corners of fear and despair. I stand in awe of Liebegott’s talent and heart. She is one of the best we’ve got.”—Maggie Nelson

“Her witty, compassionate voice haunts me like no other.” —Joan Larkin

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By the Balls: The Complete Collection

Authors: Jim Pascoe and Tom Fassbender Publication Date: April 2, 2013


This deluxe volume assembles all the early writing of Jim Pascoe and Tom Fassbender in a redesigned fifteenth anniversary edition, including the two underground cult-classic novels By the Balls and Five Shots and a Funeral, along with two brand-new short stories, a new introduction, and over a dozen short essays by industry luminaries.

Perfect for fans of Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler, these tales follow the exploits of Ben Drake, a detective with a passion for small cigars and big fights, a love of Old Grand-Dad, and a weakness for women in trouble. North of Las Vegas in the fictional town of Testacy City, Drake sniffs out killers, thieves, kidnappers, cock fighters, double crossers, crooked cops, and numbers runners—all culminating in the bizarre murder of Gentleman Joe Biggs, a well-loved local bowling hero. As he continues to crack clues in the case, Drake is drawn deeper into a citywide criminal conspiracy.


“Readers who enjoy their hard-boiled detective fiction seasoned with self-referential humor will welcome this collection, which includes two new short stories by Pascoe and Fassbender, cofounders of the publisher UglyTown…The title work, a novel first published in 1998, is the highpoint, as a murder in a bowling alley claims the life of Gentleman Joe Biggs, the city’s leading bowler. Along the way to a crafty solution, the authors wink at the readers (‘It was Suzi who made a passing joke about this being a detective story, and as it goes in all good detective stories, it was now time to stake out the widow’s house to see what might develop’)–a light touch that leavens a grim fictional universe.”
Publishers Weekly

By the Balls is manna from heaven for aficionados of noir and lovers of the classics from older masters of the genre such as Hammett, Chandler, and Cain. The stories are fast with page-turning addictiveness, filled with gems of street-smart dialogue and characters to kill for. Numerous illustrations by Paul Pope adorn the inner pages, all of which are stark and beautifully rendered. And just when you think it can’t get any better, over 20 short essays by industry luminaries are thrown in for good measure. Noir collections don’t get much better than this.”
New York Journal of Books

“Classic hard-boiled detective fiction reminiscent of Mike Hammer, Sam Spade, and Philip Marlowe. Highly recommended.”
Midwest Book Review

Jim Pascoe is a writer, designer, and an Emmy Award–winning creative director. He is responsible for the packaging design of over one hundred DVDs, such as Mad Men and the 2010 Stanley Kubrick Collection. He has written comics and books featuring Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Kim Possible, and Hellboy. His graphic novel series Undertown was serialized in over fifty newspapers worldwide, and his recent crime fiction has appeared in Los Angeles Noir and Florida Heat Wave.

Tom Fassbender is a writer, editor, and content strategist who has written, edited, and published both novels and comics. He lives in Los Angeles, California.


April Nonfiction Book Releases

An American Caddie in St. Andrews: Growing Up, Girls, and Looping on the Old Course

Author: Oliver Horovitz Publication Date: March 14, 2013


In the middle of Oliver Horovitz’s high school graduation ceremony, his cell phone rang: It was Harvard. He’d been accepted, but he couldn’t start for another year.

A caddie since he was twelve and a golfer sporting a 1.8 handicap, Ollie decides to spend his gap year in St. Andrews, Scotland—a town with the U.K.’s highest number of pubs per capita, and home to the Old Course, golf ’s most famous eighteen holes—where he enrolls in the St. Andrews Links Trust caddie trainee program. Initially, the notoriously brusque veteran caddies treat Ollie like a bug. But after a year of waking up at 4:30 A.M. every morning and looping two rounds a day, Ollie earns their grudging respect— only to have to pack up and leave for Harvard.

There, Ollie’s new classmates are the sons of Albania’s UN ambassador, the owner of Heineken, and the CEO of Goldman Sachs. Surrounded by sixth generation legacies, he feels like a fish out of water all over again and can’t wait to get back to St. Andrews. Even after graduation, when his college friends rush to Wall Street, Horovitz continues to return each summer to caddie on the Old Course.

A hilarious, irresistible, behind-the-scenes peek at the world’s most celebrated golf course—and its equally famous caddie shack—An American Caddie in St. Andrews is certain to not only entertain golfers and fans of St. Andrews but also anyone who dares to remember stumbling into adulthood and finding one’s place in the world.

“This poignant, funny memoir by Oliver Horovitz, a Harvard student who finds his calling on the Scottish links, is an intriguing tour of life at the world’s most celebrated course.”

“With the energy and joy of youth, he describes his ‘gap year’…His interaction with the group of ‘pretty’ university girls, deemed ‘Model Caddies,’ is wondrous…Horovitz shares his deeply felt memories of golf, girls, and the academy boldly, never taking himself too seriously or being irreverent about the caddie tradition on the time-honored Old Course links.”
Publishers Weekly

“In this breezy memoir, the younger brother of a Beastie Boy spills insider tales about looping and living in St. Andrews…the characters—bitter old caddies, the author’s university pals and his 83–year–old uncle—are lovable. So, too, are Horovitz’s yarns, which feature late–night antics in the Old Toon and a round caddying for Seinfeld creator Larry David.”
Golf Magazine

“An utterly absorbing, affectionate, and funny narrative of his halcyon days in St. Andrews.  I loved his memoir so much I lingered over it, relishing my own memories of that mysteriously captivating town, historic links, and addictive Scottish game, and I recommend Ollie’s book to those who’ve either already walked in the footsteps of Old Tom Morris or have a visit to the home of golf on their bucket list.”
—Ron Hansen, author of The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford 

“Oliver Horovitz is a writer to watch. Even if you don’t play golf you will enjoy the Ring Lardner style of Ollie’s An American Caddie in St. Andrews. The book has great characters and a wonderful sense of being a fish out of water.
—Michael Douglas

Oliver Horovitz is a writer, filmmaker, and caddie on the Old Course in St. Andrews, Scotland. He has written about his caddying experiences for Sports IllustratedGolf WorldGolf Digest, and New England Golfer. In 2007, he wrote, directed, and produced a documentary called The Caddies of St. Andrews. He divides his time between New York City and St. Andrews, Scotland.
April Poetry Book Releases


Author: Jessica Baran Publication Date: April 2, 2013


“These poems are evidence of a mind that emits thought the way a quick-spinning, millisecond pulsar emits radio waves—with devastating precision. They form a record of incisive looking, and of the tumultuous perceptions sight provokes. They are lyric paradoxes, mostly packaged in prose boxes. They imitate the speed of light and yet, if we look up when we’re told to, we find we’re standing still while everything that can be observed rushes behind us. They are perfect examples of how well the lyric mode can succinctly interrogate existence. They are distinctive, inventive, intrepid, and discerning. Their rebellious intelligence is irrefutable—I found myself saying ‘yes’ to every word.”—Mary Jo Bang

Jessica Baran lives in St. Louis, where she teaches at the Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Art and is the art writer for the Riverfront Times. She is the author of EQUIVALENTS (Lost Roads Publishers, 2013) and REMAINS TO BE USED (Apostrophe Books, 2010).

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Remains to Be Used


Postage Due

Picture of Postage Due

Author: Julie Marie Wade Publication Date: April 2, 2013


“Postage Due is a dazzling series of necessary utterances. Wade uses the language of Christianity to section her book, fraught with joy and pain, to explore what we owe and to whom. She employs postcards, letters, and literary and pop culture heroines—most notably Oz’s Dorothy—to tell and retell of the dreamlike past. In Postage Due, you will meet the (post-confessional) young lady who fell from a star.”—Denise Duhamel

Postage Due is a sometimes ekphrastic, often epistolary scrapbook of poetic artifacts documenting an odd girl’s coming of age.

Julie Marie Wade is the author of two collections of lyric nonfiction, Wishbone: A Memoir in Fractures and Small Fires.

Other Book Publications:

Small Fires: Essays

Wishbone: A Memoir in Fractures



Small Porcelain Head

Author: Allison Benis White Publication Date: April 9, 2013


Out of an urgent need to grasp what it means to lose a loved one to suicide, these poems fixate on the physical as a means of exploring the intangible–though paradoxically palpable–emotion of grief. Small Porcelain Head metaphorically explores the stark stillness of loss through the inanimate quality of dolls and revisits lines from a suicide note as a means of final “conversation.”


“Muriel Rukeyser said of poetry: “We wish to be told, in the most memorable way, what we have been meaning all along.” That’s how White’s book felt to me. Her poems that use dolls to embody the awful stillness of loss were intimates of my own grief. And she wrote about it with such tenderness, intelligence, and clarity that I understood my own losses better…Perhaps I should just say get thee to a bookstore or library. Buy it for your friends, your family, your enemies, your neighbors, or steal their copies, but read it.”–The Rumpus (The Last Book I Loved)


“This brilliant book-length collection of prose poems transforms a death into a haunting. Small Porcelain Head is written into the fragility, the already shattered state of loss: ‘I left a sweater on a train in Dover last fall–if I would have shivered, noticed emptiness or shoulders.’ The site of brokenness functions as both the location of the lyric and the moment of release for the living–bereavement or descent into the suicide of the relinquished life are parallel ways of letting a voice go. The landscape of these poems recalls a musical score where despair flees and chases itself eternally. Once read, Small Porcelain Head refuses the page–it circles and harmonizes that which cannot be harmonized. I was mezmerized.”– (Claudia Rankine, Judge, Four Way Books Levis Prize in Poetry )

Picture of Allison Benis White


Allison Benis White is the author of Small Porcelain Head, selected by Claudia Rankine for the Four Way Books Levis Prize in Poetry, and Self-Portrait with Crayon, winner of the Cleveland State University Poetry Center First Book Prize. Her poems have appeared in The American Poetry ReviewThe Iowa Review, and Ploughshares, among other journals. Her honors include theIndiana Review Poetry Prize, Prairie Schooner‘s Bernice Slote Award, and a Writers Exchange Award from Poets & Writers. She teaches at the University of California, Irvine.

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