LitBridge Reading Series Contest

LitBridge wants to honor new reading series that are doing an excellent job supporting writers and the literary community. We will grant $400 or more to a reading series that has been around for less than 4 years and is rated highly. We will not do the judging. You will! Our team consists of folks who have experience running reading series, and we know that a good reading series will be nominated by its readers, attendees and the folks running the series. This process is entirely free and made possible by donations from sponsors.


Highest Ranked Reading Series – $400 or more

Finalists – TBD (Dependent on donations)

Our only requirements

1. The reading series must have been around for less than 4 years.

2. This cannot be a university-sponsored reading series.

What’s Allowed?

1. As many nominations as you want. The founder, interns, coordinators  attendees, readers and whoever else can nominate the reading series. These must be from folks who have attended the series.

How will we judge submissions?

1. Submissions that are of quality NOT quantity. A reading series that gets 3 nominations which convey the beautiful things the reading series is doing, is far more valuable than 10 nominations that simply say, “nice reading series” or something similar.

2. Nominations that are specific about the reading series. What is the venue like? How many attendees typically show? Which writers are brought in? Does the series support its readers in some way? Not all of these need to be answered, but we prefer specifics than general observations about the reading.

3. Submissions from a variety of folks. A reading series nomination from the two founders and three interns will not be viewed as highly as a nomination from a founder, intern, 2 readers and an attendee. We really value the opinions of the readers and attendees, as well as the interns who help with much of the process.

Below is the nomination form. We look forward to reading all about the amazing reading series in the nation!

Nomination Form

Contact Name and Email:

Reading Series Name:

Relation to Reading Series (i.e., Founder, Intern, Attendee, Reader):

Describe (in no more than one paragraph) why you believe this reading series deserves nomination:

List three previous contributors or readers who you’ve enjoyed:


Email this submission to  or before May 1st.  All submissions after this period cannot be considered.