The benefits of professional publishing are tremendous. If you want to consider a career in professional writing, then you must understand the benefits of publishing. Publishing allows you to be more competitive in a tough market. Having a book helps establish you as a talented writer which makes you competitive when looking for writing jobs, contests or residencies. Professional publishing opens a world of networking opportunities for you. You may be asked for interviews, articles, book tours or other events where you can showcase your work and provide feedback on the work of others. Depending on the type of book you publish, you may be asked to help consult businesses, become an editor or work with a publishing press. Publishing a book is a great way to promote yourself and your writing.
LitBridge lists some great publishers to browse through. If you feel any publishers should be added to these lists then feel free to contact us and let us know!

Chapbook Publishers
Poetry Publishers
Creative Nonfiction Publishers
Fiction Publishers