The end of the year is here. With school not being in session, working slowing down and holidays with the family and friends being here, sometimes writing is really the last of our worries. Some of us may be viewing this downtime as a time to really boost the writing while others are just enjoying the time to relax.


  1. Take a break. With holidays here, there’s nothing wrong with just relaxing for a bit. Sometimes the best writing can only happen after getting some much needed self-love and relaxation. However, if you have not been spending much time writing this past year, then it may be best to focus on being more productive with your writing.
  2. Treat yourself to a book and take some time to read.
  3. Re-read some of what you have written this year. This can be a way to review how far your writing has evolved over the past year or another effort to do a good revision on work. You may be surprised to discover a poem or story that has not yet been revised or finished.
  4. After re-reading your work, come up with goals for this next year. How would you like your writing to improve? Do you want to take some time off of writing or be more productive this coming year? Do you want to submit to more journals or work on publishing that manuscript? Would you like to make your writing more personal and emotional?
  5. Review the goals you had for the year. Did you achieve your goals or not? If your goals weren’t achieved, why was that? Sometimes life happens and things are out of our control but do your best to try and achieve the goals you want in the coming year. Find areas that you can improve when reaching your goals. Accept that we all have weaknesses in our writing life but we can do our best to continue writing.
  6. Get in touch with your family and friends who care about you. The holidays are a great time to reconnect and strengthen relationships with loved ones.


Regardless of where you are in the world and if you are staying warm during the Winter or enjoying the beaches during the summer, have a very Happy New Year! Happy Writing!


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